Barsatein 30th August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 30th August 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 30th August 2023 episode starts with Reyansh drinking alcohol and taunting Aradhna about not being able to drink due to nervousness and fear.

As Aradhna hears a few taunts, she gets up and grabs the whole bottle, starting to chug it down until Reyansh comes to stop her and snatches the bottle from her.

Aradhna says that everything is because of Reyansh and he is the one who made her drunk while she leans toward him to take the bottle back.

Reyansh and Aradhna lock eyes with each other and their lips stop at centimetres apart from each other making Reyansh hard to have control of himself.

With the drunkenness spreading, Aradhna starts slurring her words and tells Reyansh that he is the person she hates the most while clinging onto him making Reyansh feel attached to her.

With their faces coming close to each other and almost kissing, the walkie-talkie starts making a vague sound which distracts Aradhna and Reyansh and they check on that to let Vikram and Sunaina know where they exactly are.

Meanwhile, Vikram hears some faint noises from his machine and asks another man what it means to which he replies that the other machine is very far.

Sunaina comes to Vikram and asks if he has any clue but Vikram replies that he has not figured out where Reyansh and Aradhna are stuck.

Arnab comes to Komal and says that he went up to the terrace but could not find Aradhna anywhere in a frustrating manner after which Koko mixes something in Arnab's lassi and makes him drink it.

Elsewhere, Reyansh and Aradhna sit close to each other and Aradhna says that she wants to play games with Reyansh.

Reyansh and Aradhna play many silly games together and guess the names of things that can fly and Reyansh says Aradhna's name making her stop.

Aradhna says that she had to fly away from the city because of what he did to her by spreading the news while Reyansh looks serious.

Reyansh says that he knows the whole truth now and has come to get her back as losing her was his biggest punishment.

Hearing Reyansh's love confession toward her, Aradhna starts laughing while Reyansh says that he let his poison spread over his happiness.

As Reyansh says that he was the one wrong and wants to correct his mistake, Aradhna and he come closer to each other with their breaths caressing each other's faces.

Suddenly, the walkie-talkie again starts making sounds and Reyansh gets irritated as he comes closer to the machine and wonders why it is not working.

Aradhna feels dizzy and starts losing consciousness making Reyansh panic and remember that Aradhna is a sugar patient and needs her insulin injection.

Meanwhile, Malini finds Aradhna's purse and spots the injection inside after which she asks Viren to look outside while she searches inside for Aradhna.

Reyansh tries to keep Aradhna awake but she slowly drifts into sleep making Reyansh anxious about Aradhna's condition.

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