Barsatein 30th January 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 30th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 30th January 2024 episode starts with Aradhna arguing with Reyansh saying that she always treaded on the path of balance to main her relations.

Just then, Vikram comes there after hearing them fight but Aradhana goes from there, asking Vikram to get his friend out too.

Meanwhile, a drunk Jay comes to Bani's house and lies on her bed with a thud.

Bani asks him if he has drunk again and he says yes after which Bani tells him that he shouldn't take advantage of their friendship.

She further gives him a warning that if he keeps drinking again and again, she will not hesitate to tell Aradhana that there is no affair between them.

Rather it was all an act and Jay apologizes to Bani as a tear rolls down from his eye as he states that his wife couldn't even be his.

Bani tells him that she hasn't refused to help him but Jay should take care of his health or else, everything will go down haywire.

Jay nods as if he understands while Bani tucks him in the bed.

After this, she calls Neeta and asks her to talk to Aradhana because Jay's health has worsened a lot and if she truly cares for her son, she should let Jay and Aradhana be together as Jay loves her a lot.

Meanwhile, Kadambari and Vivek talk about Reyansh's luck being good but not that good in terms of love.

Vivek asks Kadambari if he should go and talk to Aradhana but Kadambari reminds him that Aradhana is a very dignified girl so the choice to decide should be given to her only.

On the other hand, Neeta sweet-talks Bani and puts a full stop to their conversation before asking her to meet.

Varun asks Neeta if Bani is a judge's daughter and if she has a sister he can marry but Neeta gives him a very disgusted look which makes his mouth shut.

Meanwhile, Kadambari thinks that the destiny is to let Reyansh and Aradhana reunite or drift apart.

Just then, she gets someone's message to meet them at noon tomorrow for lunch when Vivek asks her if she would like to accompany him to their company's annual party.

Kadambari lies about having a dentist appointment but Vivek catches her lie when the dentist calls him to remind him of his monthly visit.

Elsewhere, Neeta drills the fact into Bani's head that Jay is a sweet guy but it is a chance for Bani to love him as they are made for each other.

Bani isn't convinced but after Neeta continuously says that she cannot make Aradhana her daughter-in-law and always saw Bani as her daughter-in-law, Bani feels conflicted as to how to help Jay who is so drowned in pain right now.

On the other hand, Aradhana asks Sunaina if she is the one who told Reyansh that her marriage with Jay wasn't a real one.

Sunaina admits that yes she was the one while Aradhana says that it seems that Reyansh is behind whatever happened to Bhakti.

Meanwhile, Vikram asks Reyansh what had happened when Reyansh mentions that someone contacted Aradhana only after which she became angry at him and now it is very important for him to get to the bottom of this case.

Elsewhere, Neeta asks Bani if she should call her Jay's soon to be wife which makes Bani break into a smile.

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