Barsatein 30th November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 30th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 30th November 2023 episode starts with Aradhana announcing that no one can stop her from enjoying her Sangeet and starts beating the dhol.

Just then Malini, Bhakti and others step in to dance.

Aradhna being still under the effects of the drugs and diabetes, feels extremely exhausted and is about to fall when Jay catches her.

She taunts Reyansh and tells everyone that they'll soon realise their mistake of selling their properties to Reyansh.

Jay and Reyansh share a passive-aggressive banter while Bhakti pleads with Reyansh with folded hands to leave and he obliges while she takes Aradhna with her to get her ready.

Meanwhile, Kriti tries to fill Varun's mind with hatred towards Aradhna but it turns out to be a deal where Varun get's Kriti and she gets another hit to Jay and Aradhna's relationship.

Bhakti apologises to Neeta for Reyansh's behaviour while Neeta taunts her that if they're done with the drama, she would like to proceed with the actual shagun rituals.

Harsh pleads with the society members to let them continue the function in the community hall but they refuse, saying that the whole property is owned by Reyansh, and they can't afford to upset him.

Just then, Jay catches a glimpse of Aradhna walking towards him, all dressed up in an elegant red gown and he keeps looking at him with heart eyes.

Kriti signals Varun to act and he sneakingly texts Reyansh from Jay's phone asking him to meet.

Just then, Kriti tells Aradhna that Malini is looking for her and she leaves.

Aradhna is startled when she sees Reyansh upon entering the room and Varun locks the rooms from outside.

Reyansh and Aradhna start their aggressive talk while Varun blasts their conversation through a speaker for everyone to hear 

Meanwhile, Reyansh starts telling Aradhna that whatever he has done is to fulfil his and Aradhna's dreams.

However, Aradhana replies that these types of things can only be his dreams as she never wished for anybody to buy the whole society for her.

Aradhana goes on to poke Reyansh about his mommy issues and how he never really got love from his mother and always compensated for it with money, telling him that's exactly what he's doing with Aradhna's love right now.

Tears form in Reyansh's eyes and he asks Aradhna if is this the extent of hatred she has for him.

Aradhna goes on to tell Reyansh that all his behaviour can't be excused because of his mother's affair and that he should stop playing the subtle victim in every situation.

Meanwhile, Jay disconnects the speaker and gets Reyansh and Aradhna out of the room.

Varun informs them that their conversation is broadcast to everyone and everyone starts to speak ill about Kadambari and the Lambha family.

Reyansh congratulates Aradhna on becoming toxic like him and leaves.

Jay confronts Aradhna that she shouldn't have touched Kadambari's topic in front of Reyansh.

Just then, Malini tells everyone to hype up and continue with the celebration, expressing her happiness about Aradhna and Jay's relationship.

The celebration begins with a full bloom of dance and music.

Just when Jay and Aradhna are about to dance, Reyansh takes Aradhna away and starts dancing with her.

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