Barsatein 30th October 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 30th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 30th October 2023 episode starts with Malini confronting Aradhana telling her that she is trying to understand what happened to her like falling in love with her boyfriend or something else.

She tells Aradhana that she will not let anything happen to her daughter's happiness.

Just then, Reyansh comes there and tells Malini to call Kimaya as they are going on a movie date and tells Aradhana to come with her as he wants to talk about an office matter.

Aradhana crashes Reyansh's date

She leaves while Reyansh asks Aradhana why doesn't she reveal to Malini that she is her daughter also.

She tries to justify stating that Malini knows it but is just scared for Kimaya's happiness.

In turn, Reyansh tells her that he will keep her secret but she will have to keep his secret too, and will have to see him being happy with Kimaya.

Later, Kimaya and Reyansh stop at a restaurant where he holds her hand and praises it, making Kimaya shy.

However, Reyansh turns it into a romantic gesture as he states loudly that he is the happiest man on earth to marry Kimaya and announces that he will pay for everyone's lunch.

Just then, Aradhana and Jay also come there and tease them saying that they will go someplace else to not be the third wheel.

Kimaya stops them while Reyansh asks them if they have enough of this big budget to have a meeting at the restaurants.

Aradhana smirks at him as she states that they do when he is the one paying for their lunch.

Aradhana tries to humiliate Reyansh

Further, the food arrives and Kimaya offers red sauce pasta to Reyansh but Aradhana stops her stating that he won't like it.

She talks about how he doesn't like anything that starts with like ketchup while revealing that she and Reyansh know each other from the past.

Reyansh continues stating that he loves anything and everything that starts with K as Kimaya's name starts with a K.

Further, Kimaya and Reyansh suggest that Jai bring something for Kriti but he refuses stating that he is not keen on showing off his love like others.

Reyansh laughs saying that Jai is mocking him and states that he loves Kimaya so much that he wants to marry her right now.

Just then, Jai gets a call from Kriti and Reyansh snatches the phone picking it up and talking to her.

She asks him where he found Jai and Reyansh makes her jealous stating that he found Jai with Aradhana having a professional meeting at a romantic restaurant.

They disconnect the call as Kriti thinks that she has to destroy Aradhana completely to get Jai.

The next day, Kriti brings a basket filled to the brim with food to Jai's office while he tells her that the deal is about marriage and not love.

He asks her if she thinks that her manipulating him to marry will not make him love her and tells her to get out.

Reyansh's special offer!

Kriti throws the basket just as Viren, Reyansh, and Jai's father come there and she complains that Jai said he doesn't have time for her.

Reyansh tells Jai to learn romance from him as Jai fakely apologizes to Kriti and tells her that he loves her.

Reyansh invites Viren's family and Jai to dinner at his parent's place.

Later, Reyansh and Jai are arguing in the office cabin as Jai calls Aradhana there and tells her that she has to come to the dinner tonight with him as his Baarati.

At Reyansh's house, he convinces Kadambari and Vivek to attend to the guests while Malini and Kriti get upset seeing Aradhana and Vikram there.

Further, as the gents of the house serve the food, Reyansh continues mocking Kadambari and Viren subtly as he states that his wedding night will be starting with a Ghazal from his mother only.

Reyansh brings in a timer of seven days and asks Kimaya if he'll marry her in seven days which she agrees to breaking Aradhana's heart.

Jai, Vikram, and Vivek take Reyansh to the kitchen and ask him what is he doing now with the seven-day marriage while he states that he has a purpose.

Meanwhile, a letter comes for Reyansh and Viren puts it on the table while Aradhana goes to Reyansh and asks him why he chose seven days.

He states that it is because Barsatein ends in seven days which meant something to them and after that, cold winters will start.

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