Barsatein 31st August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 31st August 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 31st August 2023 episode starts with Malini asking Viren to look outside the house for Aradhna while she gets worried about Aradhna's well-being.

Kriti tells Komal that Malini has become a bit too attached to Aradhna in these few days seeing Malini getting worked up.

Komal asks Kriti if she is jealous of Aradhna to which Kriti gets defensive and says that the case is not like that.

Vikram and Sunaina come to Komal and Kriti and ask them for help in finding Aradhna and Reyansh in the house as they do not know the directions and structure of the house.

Komal and Kriti lead the search team and they reach a room and get shocked as they open the door, spotting Kimaya and Angad getting intimate with each other.

Taunting her sister, Komal gets into her joking mode and says that they should have locked the door before initiating things while Kimaya warns Komal to stop.

Angad gets abandoned by Kimaya as she joins the search force and says that he cannot do romance peacefully due to Aradhna.

Vikram asks where Arnab is and if he has done anything, to which Komal says that Arnab cannot be involved in anything as he is stuck in his bathroom due to the effects of the stomachache medicine, she gave him.

Everyone comes to see Arnab and he comes out of the toilet trying to act cool after hugging Vikram and asking him why he gets alert on hearing the name "Vikram".

However, Arnab starts feeling pressure in his stomach again and Vikram hugs him tightly to take revenge on the matter.

Everyone gets disgusted at smelling the stinky smell from Arnab and leaves the room while Arnab gets into the bathroom again.

Meanwhile, Reyansh tries to wake Aradhna wake up and feels relieved as Maini opens the door of the basement and rescues them.

As Reyansh is about to take Aradhna in his arms, Aradhna asks him to leave as she does not want Reyansh around her anymore.

After taking the medicine, Aradhna sleeps in a room and Malini asks Aradhna to rest as she looks nervous and anxious.

Aradhna holds onto Malini's saree telling her mother to not go and Malini hugs Aradhna getting emotional without a reason.

Meanwhile, Alka keeps something in the car and sends Kimaya home as she comes to ask Alka about the incident.

Alka's husband comes after which they give a little flashback showing that it was Alka who stole the idol and locked Aradhna.

In the middle of the night, Aradhna opens her eyes and is shocked to see Reyansh resting on a chair in front of her while Reyansh says that he will leave 24/7 with Aradhna.

Aradhna thinks that she is dreaming about Reyansh while Reyansh says that he wants to protect Aradhna with everything he has got so that he does not lose Aradhna the second time.

The next morning, Reyansh brings coffee for Aradhna and closes the door making Aradhna wake up and thinking if she saw a dream or everything was real.

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