Barsatein 31st January 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 31st January 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 31st January 2024 episode starts with Aradhna telling Pooja that maybe Reyansh is behind the accident and then blaming Jay.

Pooja asks Aradhna to make Bhakti use some hints to get the truth however Aradhna says no as she does not want to take any risk with Bhakti's health.

Aradhna says that she needs to find the truth after which she goes to Jay and asks where he was all night.

Bani comes and says that Jay was with her the whole night and then she says that Aradhna should not mind as she also spends all her time with her boss.

Aradhna replies that she is a married woman and Bani does not have any right to question her however Bani reminds her that her marriage is a fake one.

Meanwhile, Reyansh says that he will investigate Jay and will expose him to Aradhna.

Elsewhere, Bani asks Aradhna what is she up to as she is still pretending to be in the marriage and behaving like a typical housewife.

Aradhna says that Bani has a messed up mentality however Bani keeps on bashing her and says that Aradhna can even impregnate herself with Reyansh and then convince Jay that the child belongs to him.

Aradhna slaps her while Jay enters but Bani soon changes her tone and seeks Jay's sympathy.

Bani leaves angrily while Jay says that even though she spent a lot of time with her ex yet she dares to question him.

Aradhna gives him the Mangal Sutra and says that he can leave the house any time he wants.

Jay thinks to himself that he is sorry for hurting Aradhna but soon he will leave her life for good.

Later, Aradhna runs into Priyanka when Neeta enters and says that she hired her for Bhakti.

Neeta tells Aradhna that Priyanka comes from a very poor family however Aradhna wonders how can such a poor woman afford such an expensive phone.

Meanwhile, Jagruti and Pooja have repaired Aradhna's phone and see the video in which Reyansh's hand is visible.

They both are not able to believe it and then decide that they need to find out who sent the video.

Jagruti tells Pooja that she can hack into these private numbers which makes Pooja very excited as she wants to eye Vikram too.

However, they decide to attend to the matter at hand after which Jagruti gives a demo of her skills by finding Vikram's location and finds out that he is in a cafe.

Pooja starts yelling at Vikram however he tells her that he has a meeting in the cafe.

She then starts laughing nervously and wishes him best of luck for his meeting while Jagruti laughs a little.

Jagruti then finds out that the private number belongs to Manika Thappar after which Jagruti calls Aradhna to see if she knows any Manika Thappar.

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