Barsatein 31st July 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 31st July 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 31st July 2023 episode starts with Reyansh calling Aradhna and asking her where she is to which Aradhna replies that she has come to Harsh's clinic which is a lie.

Seeing Aradhna lie on the call, Mayank says that Aradhna must be hiding things like him and agrees that lies in love is nothing to worry about.

Mayank notices the person as Reyansh and recognizes him as the famous journalist who has issues regarding his mother who still has an affair with another man.

Aradhna says that she is not the same manipulative person as him and asks him where he has hidden the camera this time to get content for his blackmail.

Mayank says that he has no cameras but Aradhna finds Mayank's phone is hidden behind some show pieces while it is put on recording mode.

Aradhna says that Mayank's phone will act as proof and tries to confiscate the phone while Mayank asks her to give his phone back to him which leads to a tug of war.

However, the mobile crashes on the floor and gets broken which makes Mayank worried while Aradhna asks him to hand over Revati's photos that he has or else she will call the police.

Mayank glares at Aradhna but gives her the photos which she checks with repressed emotions and says that Mayank should not have another copy with him or else it will be very bad for him.

Aradhna says that she will not let Mayank destroy any other girl's life and leaves the room while Mayank smirks and asks Aradhna to worry about herself.

While Aradhna is taking the elevator, Reyansh calls her and asks where she is now then to which Aradhna says that she has come to the equipment shop with her getting out of the elevator on the ground floor.

Reyansh stares at Aradhna from a distance and agrees to meet her the next day as promised while his face gets serious.

Later, as Mayank settles the bill of the hotel room, Reyansh comes and asks Mayank why Aradhna came to meet him to which Mayank says that she came to do what a girl and boy does in a hotel room.

Reyansh punches Mayank in his face and says that Aradhna would never do something like that but Mayank says that women lie very easily and Reyansh should know that.

Mayank gets beaten up by Reyansh as he says that he wants to just have a taste after which Reyansh can marry Aradhna and he knows everything about Reyansh's family.

Reyansh finds himself hopeless as he thinks that Aradhna has cheated on him and played with his feelings and walks out of there.

Meanwhile, Aradhna feels sorry about lying to Bhakti and Reyansh but is sure that Reyansh will understand her after which she gives the photos to Revati and saves her.

Reyansh calls Aradhna and tells her that he is coming to meet her that same day which makes Aradhna happy and she compliments Reyansh for being romantic.

On reaching the office, the ex-secretary of Kadambari shows up and instigates Reyansh against Aradhna by saying that she is a liar and is betraying Reyansh with her sweet face.

Reyansh throws him out but starts feeling negative toward Aradhna with the intention of causing a huge scene.

On the other hand, Aradhna reaches home and informs her parents about Reyansh coming to which Harsh gets a bit worried about the hurried pace but Aradhna says that his words will be final.

Later, Reyansh reaches Aradhna's neighbourhood after driving rashly in his drunk state and asks Aradhna to come down as his going upstairs will blast a bomb.

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