Barsatein 3rd November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 3rd November 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 3rd November 2023 episode starts with Reyansh talking to an IT person on a call, asking him to delete the video from everywhere when just then, Aradhana knocks at his door.

She smirks at him while showing her phone to Reyansh she receives Malini's call while Reyansh grinds her teeth.

Further, Malini lashes out at Aradhana accusing her of betraying the Khanna family and especially her.

She tells Aradhana how she trusted her wholeheartedly but now she regrets treating her like a daughter while Aradhana listens to her silently.

Meanwhile, Malini questions her upbringing, wondering about Aradhana's mother when Aradhana looks at her with a soft expression on her face.

Kriti suggests Malini throw Aradhana out of the house leading Malini to drag Aradhana out while Aradhana thinks to herself how she won the game against Reyansh.

Elsewhere, Jai explains to Reyansh how he lost Vikram and Aradhana on the same day due to his toxicity.

Reyansh wonders if he's even made for love to which Jai interrogates him about Kimaya and the reason he wants to hurt her.

However, Reyansh while taking a sip from his glass, tells him how Vivek suffered throughout his life, asking for Kadambari Devi's love due to Viren Khanna.

He gets determined to hurt Kimaya and break her heart the same way Kadambari broke Vivek's.

Meanwhile, Reyansh adds how the ladies in his life have always broken his heart while Jai looks at him helplessly.

On the other hand, Malini questions Aradhana about the reason behind her standing shamelessly and not leaving leading Aradhana to gather her courage and ask her if she's blind enough that she can't see Reyansh in the video.

Aradhana informs Malini about everything happening in the video with mutual consent which makes Reyansh as guilty as her to which Malini nods weakly, telling her that she won't let Kimaya's heart break again.

However, she warns Aradhana not to show her face ever again, closing the door on her face while Aradhana recalls the moment when Harsh kicked her out of the house.

Aradhana wonders how she has lost her everything for the second time because of Reyansh while on the other hand, Jai tells Reyansh how much better Aradhana deserves and feels sorry for himself.

Just then, Vivek appears there, telling Reyansh not to hide his emotions in front of them as everyone knows about their love for each other but Reyansh stays stubborn and leaves.

Further, Aradhana walks down the street while recalling the moments with Reyansh when suddenly she gets pulled over by someone in the car.

Elsewhere, Malini tells Reyansh how she can't proceed with his and Kimaya's wedding as he betrayed them along with Aradhana.

Meanwhile, Aradhana sits in front of Viren when he interrogates her about Reyansh's plan while Kimaya cries as she feels unwanted since Reyansh also broke her heart just like Angad.

Reyansh asks her not to curse herself as she's not the only one begging for love and decides to unveil the reason behind his agreeing to marry her.

On the other hand, Aradhana discloses Reyansh's motive behind marrying Kimaya as she talks about Kadambari being unable to move on from Viren which leads her not to give the right amount of love and affection to Reyansh and Vivek.

Reyansh also discloses the same story about Kadambari being in love with someone and the past incidents with Aradhana, telling them how he came to Dehradun to apologise to her while Malini questions him for breaking Kimaya's already broken heart.

Just then, he holds Kimaya's hand, asking Malini to give him another chance as they both are broken but the love still prevails between them as he wants his future with Kimaya.

Kimaya agrees to him as she's eager to have a future family with him when Malini agrees to their marriage.

Elsewhere, Aradhana asks Viren to stop this marriage anyhow.

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