Barsatein 3rd October 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 3rd October 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 3rd October 2023 episode starts with Reyansh and Aradhana conveying their true feelings through a song while everyone is enjoying the game.

Koko fails to hold back her dancing moves and starts performing her happy dance along with Kimaya, Kriti and Reyansh.

Suddenly, the lights turn on leading the game to stop when Kriti rushes to Viren and Akash and immediately shows them a glimpse of Jai’s video where he is confessing his feelings for Aradhana.

However, Kriti presents the video as if he’s confessing his feelings for her, making Viren and Akash happy while Kriti adds that they should think about Kimaya’s marriage as she has a perfect boy for her.

On the other hand, Jai spots Reyansh standing alone with an upset face and questions him about it.

Akash appears there, appreciating Jai’s skill of impressing a girl but Jai tells Reyansh that really likes her but isn’t sure how everything will work in the future.

Kriti smirks after eavesdropping on their conversation, saying that now Aradhana has to face the consequences of double dating.

Further, Reyansh reminds Aradhana on their way back home that she is left with only 22 hours to confront Malini to which she yells at him, asking who is he to give her a deadline.

However, Reyansh stays stubborn and even rebukes Malini for throwing Aradhana away from her and living a lavish life in her own way.

Aradhana tells him that Malini has no room for her past in her present life while Reyansh warns Aradhana again.

She rebukes him for having a speciality to ruin someone’s life and states that she can’t do this to anyone.

Just then, Aradhana breaks down in tears, expressing that she is nothing but an OTP in everyone’s life as everyone uses and throws her.

Later, Aradhana walks away when Reyansh calls her name, telling her to be on time as tomorrow is a special day while Aradhana gets confused.

He informs her about their new channel launch day and pooja tomorrow to which Aradhana nods and moves forward.

The next morning, everyone gathers in the office when Kriti continues to side-eye Aradhana, however, Aradhana leaves as someone calls her for help.

Meanwhile, Koko teases Kriti for wearing a traditional attire as she never likes to wear it leading Kriti to express her love for Jai as it’s a big day for him while Reyansh smiles, learning about Kriti’s feelings for Jai.

In the meantime, Malini notices Kimaya blushing while talking to Reyansh when Jai also joins Malini and adores the beautiful couple.

However, Malini asks Jai if he can talk to Reyansh’s parents about all this leading Jai to immediately accept the offer and he adds how amazing Vivek is.

Elsewhere, Kriti spots Aradhana on the ladder, decorating the walls and she pushes the ladder to make Aradhana fall in order to teach her a lesson.

Just then, Jai catches her in his strong manly arms and saves her from getting hurt while Kriti grits her teeth in anger

Meanwhile, Malini reaches the bakery and apologises to Bina for placing a bulk order at the last moment leading Bina to tell her that Aradhana is also there for her.

Malini asks her if she also treats her like a daughter while Bina changes the topic and tells her that she has something for her.

Malini stands clueless when Bina holds Aradhana’s letter in her hand, stating how her letter ritual has been going on till now.

Elsewhere, Reyansh guides Tripathi about all the cases while Tripathi asks Viren if these young bloods know exactly what they are doing leading Viren to encourage Reyansh and Jai.

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