Barsatein 4th December 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 4th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 4th December 2023 episode starts with Neeta telling Jay that the arrangements made by his fiance are inadequate.

Jay asks her not to say such things and then turns to his dad, asking him to inform the security that they don't have to be too harsh with Reyansh as he is his friend.

Neeta taunts Jay, asking him why is he marrying his friend's girlfriend to which he replies that Aradhna is not Reyansh's girlfriend but he can even kill himself for Reyansh's sake.

Meanwhile, Pooja and Jagruti are helping Aaradhna get ready when Reyansh calls her and says that she should wear pearl jewellery.

Aaradhna replies that Reyansh has gone crazy to which he replies that no matter what happens, he will be her groom.

Jay enters the room and tells Aradhna that he has increased the security so that Reyansh can not enter.

He also says that Reyansh is a little stubborn but also his best friend so he knows how to tackle him.

Elsewhere, Neeta tells Varun that she knows Reyansh will put on a drama for sure.

Meanwhile, Jagruti asks Aradhana if she can live without love to which she replies that Reyansh's love was not in her destiny as today her hands are stained in the color of Jay's henna.

The Mehandi function starts and Jay looks at Aradhna lovingly but then both of them get texts from Reyansh which worries them both as in those texts, he knows exactly what they are doing at the moment.

Jay walks around the house in search of Reyansh but cannot find him anywhere while Reyansh keeps texting him that Jay will not be able to find him.

Further, Jay goes to Aradhna and tells her that everything is under control and she should not worry, Jay then spots a waiter who looks like Reyansh and goes to him but finds out that he is not Reyansh.

Aradhna looks at her mehendi and notices that Reyansh's name is engraved on her hand which means that the Mehandi lady was bought off by Reyansh.

Neeta insists that Aradhna show her mehandi but she hesitates and excuses herself.

Aradhna then shows Jagruti the mehendi and gets worried for her family from the shower of taunts from Neeta.

Neeta comes at the exact moment and demands to see Aradhna's mehandi but Pooja comes and tells her that first she will have to give them money as 'Negh' and then see the mehandi from afar as only the groom can inspect the mehandi this closely.

Neeta does as she is told and then leaves after which Jagruiti says that now Aradhna will have to do something to hide Reyansh's name.

Elsewhere, Reyansh is dancing while Jay tells Aradhna that the Mehndi lady is the one giving updates to Reyansh.

After a while, an inspector enters and asks for Jay Khurana, telling him that a fraud case has been filed against him as he already has another wife.

He then shows Jay a video of a woman who claims that Jay is her husband and used her for a British Visa.

The woman in the video is hired by Reyansh to destroy Jay's life.

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