Barsatein 4th October 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 4th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 4th October 2023 episode starts with Bina telling Malini about the letter that she received on her behalf while Malini looks at her with a confused expression on her face.

Bina reveals that this time the letter is not for Mimmy but for Malini Khanna, getting suspicious about the content of the letter.

Nevertheless, Bina incessantly mocks her about the letter custom that she has been observing since the time when Rajan was alive and questions her if she had something special with Rajan in her past.

Malini leaves the bakery and pretends to brush off the concern about the letter in front of Bina.

On the other hand, everyone is sitting together in the office when Reyansh pitches to cover the airport cargo scam story and how the smugglers are avoiding paying the taxes to the government.

Jai encourages Reyansh’s idea and states that with this story they are going to launch their channel in the media world leading Viren to worry about directly pointing to the huge investors in the market.

However, soon he sighs in satisfaction as Jai and Reyansh make him believe the credibility benefits they are going to achieve through this story.

Reyansh mentions the upliftment in his strength as Jai has entered in his life to which Aradhana taunts him for doing everything till now without strength.

He reminds her about the remaining 16 hours she is left with and tells Jai about the secret story task he has given to Aradhana.

Elsewhere, Malini comes across the letter and is taken aback by the revelation that someone is coercing her to expose the truth to her family and urges her to prevent Viren from publishing the story tonight.

She gets anxious and decides to inform Viren about the same but stops, wondering about the reason behind her fear of getting exposed.

Meanwhile, Aradhana enters the cabin and holds Reyansh by his collar, rebuking him for talking nonsense in front of Viren and Jai while Reyansh mocks her.

Aradhana asks him about the story he is going to cover at 9 pm leading Reyansh to tell her to watch it herself along with everyone, making Aradhana scared of his uncertain mood.

On the other hand, Kriti enters Jai’s cabin with a box of milk cake and finds herself on a mission to make room for herself in Jai’s heart.

She attempts to feed him but gets stopped as he informs her about his no-sugar consumption policy but later, somehow manages to feed him.

On the other hand, Reyansh playfully informs Aradhana that he’s going to reveal her dark secret, making her anxious.

Further, Kriti roams around the passage and enters Reyansh’s cabin intentionally, pretending to be talking to someone on call and informing the person about Jai proposing her incident.

She knowingly plays the video at full volume when Reyansh enters his cabin and spots the video from behind leading him to express his happiness for Jai.

Elsewhere, Jai calls Vivek and talks friendly with him about Reyansh’s love life and tells Vivek that he should come to Dehradun for Reyansh's wedding planning while Vivek gets happy, thinking about Aradhana getting convinced.

On the other hand, Aradhana gets a voice message from Reyansh, warning her to tell the truth to Malini before her deadline to avoid the consequences.

Meanwhile, Aradhana spots Kimaya upset and inquires about the same when Kimaya expresses how restless she is feeling.

Suddenly, Malini and Kimaya receive the same message at the same time.

Both of them watch the video of Kimaya getting intimate with Angad leading Kimaya’s face to turn pale while Malini gets a warning to stop Viren otherwise he will leak Kimaya’s video.

Aradhana notices Kimaya’s expression and questions her about it while Malini gets hopeless, wondering about a person who is bothering her.

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