Barsatein 4th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 4th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 4th September 2023 episode starts with the function starting and Aradhna getting ready to dive deeper into the matter of the Jindals.

Reyansh stays close to Aradhna and leans in toward her which makes Aradhna's heart flutter and she says that she is going to another position to take interviews.

Aradhna walks away from Reyansh while he says that she cannot separate him from herself.

Meanwhile, Kimaya gets ready for the function and thinks that she does not look beautiful but a woman assures her that she looks very pretty as the bride to boost her confidence.

Aradhna stands with Arnab while Reyansh gets together with Kriti intentionally and flirts with her by saying cheesy pickup lines for her which Arnab repeats in his own style making Aradhna sweat.

Reyansh stares at Aradhna while flirting with Kriti to look at her reaction but Aradhna pretends to vomit to let him know that his attempts seem awful even though she feels jealous inside.

Aradhna bumps into Malini while meeting people and remembers the soft and gentle touch that she received from her on that night as a mother.

Malini asks Aradhna if she is fit now and asks her to consider herself as their family which makes Aradhna smile.

Aradhna decides that she needs to know the truth about the Jindals as Kimaya is getting married to Angad and she will be trapped between them if Angad is also involved with his parents.

Coming to Alka and her husband, Aradhna tells them that they need to give her a small interview after which they sit in front of the camera with mics attached.

Aradhna asks them what they think about Kimaya but Alka continues to compliment Angad when her husband asks her to say good things about Kimaya instead.

After the interview is over, Aradhna comes over to detach the mics but intentionally leaves a secret mic in Alka's husband's clothes.

Alka and her husband talk about how they are bearing Kimaya until their plan succeeds and they send the stolen idol out of town to the client.

Alka's husband discovers the hidden mic and walks toward Aradhna but she pretends that she is hearing music while calling Arnab to try it.

However, the husband shouts at the mic which hurts Aradhna's ears and he smiles at her saying that his mic was stuck in his clothes by mistake.

A flashback shows Viren catching Nagendra Nath (Alka's brother) which is why Alka wants revenge by defaming Viren's eldest daughter.

Later, Komal and Kriti spot Reyansh sneaking glances at Aradhna and pointing "I love you" at her which turns out to be directed at Arnab.

Arnab asks Reyansh to stay away from him but Reyansh comes and pulls Arnab in his arms saying that Arnab is looking very handsome.

Aradhna asks for help when Komal separates Reyansh from him after which they play a game of truth and dare together.

Kriti gets the chance to ask Reyansh questions about his ex to which Reyansh says that his past love was not just a regular fling but something deeper.

Aradhna and Reyansh think about their moments together in the past while staring at each other silently.

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