Barsatein 5th December 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 5th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 5th December 2023 episode starts with Jay telling the inspector that he is ready to go along with them.

He then turns to Aradhna saying that she does not have to worry as he will marry her.

Aradhna goes out and challenges Reyansh that now he can put in all the effort but she will still marry Jay.

Neelam says that her luck was gone to shackles when they decided to make Aradhna their daughter-in-law.

Aradhna says that she is going to the police station, and she then finds out that the door of her colony is locked.

Reynash comes and says that he will take her there and then tries fake keys to open the door.

Aradhna says that she will burst out of Reyansh's head after which he opens the door.

Meanwhile, Jay's dad is in the police station along with him telling the inspector that Jay is a British citizen and not Indian.

Varun calls Neeta and tells her the entire scenario going on in the police station.

Aradhna reaches the police station and finds out that nothing can happen before Monday.

Reyansh comes and mocks Jay saying that today is Friday and that means he will not be able to marry Aradhna.

The police say mockingly that Reyansh has an epic love story and that Aradhna should have chosen Reyansh in the very beginning as this would have prevented so much chaos.

Aradhna starts throwing things around and then pushes a female cop, she then turns to the inspector saying that she broke 2 laws and that is why he should lock her up as well.

Both Jay and Aradhna are thrown into lockups after which the police throw Reyansh out of the police station.

Jay tells his dad that once the magistrate opens on Monday he will be released.

Aradhna tells Jay's dad that tomorrow Jay and Aradhna are getting married and that is why it is spend the night together.

Jay's dad sarcastically congratulates both on their 'me' time with each other.

Later Aradhna calls a Pandit Ji to the police station with the help of a constable and also seeks a warden to marry in the police station.

The Pandit Ji arrives and sees Reyansh standing outside the police station asking him if he is the one getting married since Aradhna called him which makes Reyansh shocked.

A while later, the Pandit enters when Aradhna asks her to start the preparations.

The Pandit asks the cop to release Aradhna and Jay for some time so that they can get married, the cop agrees and does as he is asked.

The wedding ritual starts when Reyansh starts entering the police station again but the police don't let him in.

Meanwhile, Aradhna keeps insisting that Pandit try to hurry up while thinking about Reyansh constantly.

Jay says that he he does not want to marry Aradhna which makes her shocked and she asks him what is he saying.

Jay looks at her and says that he cannot marry Aradhna like this as she is just marrying him to prove a point.

He then says that all Aradhna talked about today was the fact that she has to get married but not once did she mention that it is Jay to whom she wants to get married.

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