Barsatein 5th February 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 5th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 5th February 2024 episode starts with Kadambari, Vikram, and Pooja finding out that Aradhna proposed to Reyansh which makes them jump in excitement.

However, Pooja thinks to herself that Aradhna thought Reyansh was Bhakti's culprit so why did she say yes?

Kadambari gets a call so she excuses herself.

Vikram sees that Pooja is conflicted which makes him ask her why she has so many mood swings.

Aradhna calls Pooja but Vikram picks it up and hears something from Aradhna which makes him say that he will tell Reyansh everything.

Pooja wonders if Aradhna blabbered the truth to Vikram thinking it was her.

However, it turns out that Vikram was just messing with Pooja.

Meanwhile, Kadambari is talking to someone and scolding that person for calling her as Reyansh cannot find out about it.

She tells the person that she will not meet him as now she has only Reyansh in her life.

Back at home, Akash mocks Neeta that she has become a murderer which makes Neeta ask him to shut up as this house is very small and people are very nosy.

Jagruti enters which makes Neeta say that she loves staying in this house to which Jagruti says that everyone loves free Wifi, electricity, and room.

After this Jagruti gives some sweets to Akash and Neeta telling them Reyansh and Aradhna are going to get married.

Neeta gets happy which shocks Jagruti after which she asks her to leave the house before the wedding Neeta agrees.

Later, Neeta gets a call from her boss who gets angry at her as Reyansh is back on his drug case.

Elsewhere, Aradhna tells Pooja that Reyansh has Jay's photo in his office which means that he is plotting against Jay and doing something big.

She says that Reyansh is very smart and that is why she needs to earn Reyansh's confidence so that she can find out everything.

Pooja says that Reyansh loves her so does she to which Aradhna says that she cannot love Reyansh if he is a criminal.

Meanwhile, Kadambari meets with Reyansh who tells her that now he understands her as he gets what love it.

He says that love has no age or limit and is absolute which makes Kadambari giggle and say that she is very happy for him.

She says that love is complicated but beautiful and she can proudly say that Reyansh got to feel this beautiful experience.

Reyansh gets a call from a blackmailer asking him to drop the case which makes him say that her way of blackmailing is not good at all.

He hangs up the call after which Kadambari asks him not to go through with the story however Reyansh promises that he will not let anything happen to anyone.

Meanwhile, Pooja, Vikram, and Jagruti are planning which picture they should use for Reyansh and Aradhna's wedding.

Vikram tells them that Aradhna is a very violent person as she has slapped Reyansh a million times.

Vikram then turns to Pooja and asks her why isn't she more enthusiast.

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