Barsatein 5th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 5th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 5th September 2023 episode starts with Reyansh confessing about his last relationship when his girlfriend was so in love with him but he messed up his relationship by betraying her.

Aradhana’s turn comes next when Arnab asks her a funny question to convert everyone’s tense mood into a jovial one.

Arnab gives three names to Aradhana, stating that she has to choose whom to kiss, slap, and marry and the options are Vikram, Reyansh, and Arnab.

However, Aradhana plays smartly by instantly choosing Vikram to kiss since he’s her best friend while choosing Reyansh and Arnab for a slap, revealing that she doesn’t want to marry.

Later, Kriti’s turn comes when all the youngsters give Kriti a dare to propose to Reyansh.

Reyansh holds Kriti’s hands, pretending to be a gentleman, and decides to propose to her himself.

He makes Kriti stand in a position from where he can directly see Aradhana while looking at Kriti too and unveils his hidden feelings, stating that he wants to change himself just for her.

Reyansh continues to express his guilt over his deeds in the past and makes a promise that he’ll become an ideal boyfriend while looking at Aradhana.

Further, Aradhana questions Reyansh if he can forget someone who has betrayed him earlier to which he replies that if there’s love between them, they can surely forgive and forget the past issues.

Aradhana disagrees with Reyansh and informs him that a person can forgive the traitor but cannot forget the damage that the traitor has caused.

Later, Aradhana spots Alka sitting on a couch when she decides to steal her phone as she needs to unveil Jindal’s truth in front of everyone.

On the other hand, Vikram reaches the Oassian bakery while searching for Reyansh and ends up meeting Bina, who gets fascinated seeing him.

Back at Khanna’s mansion, Reyansh pulls Aradhana to him, pins her to the wall, questions her if she has a new hobby of stealing, and looks at Alka’s phone.

Aradhana tells Reyansh to mind his own business when Reyansh expresses his concern by saying that accusing Jindals can be very dangerous.

At Oassian Bakery, Bina serves hot fudge and black coffee to Vikram while Vikram learns about her invisible husband.

Meanwhile, Aradhana spots Arnab and snatches the opportunity to make Reyansh feel jealous of him and that’s when she asks Arnab for a long drive.

Just then, Alka sees her phone in Reyansh's hands and questions him about it to which Reyansh replies that he is metrosexual and likes pink.

Outside, Arnab speaks nonstop in the car about any random topics, annoying Aradhana while she sits with a dumb face, regretting her decision to ask him for a long drive.

Meanwhile, Arnab attempts to hold Aradhana’s hand while driving when Aradhana warns him to stop as she has a Taser in her purse.

Just then, two men stop Arnab’s car in the middle of the dark road, questioning them about where they are heading, this instigates Aradhana and Arnab to which Arnab states that Aradhana is her wife.

The two men claim themselves as policemen when Aradhan asks them about their uniforms and they start hitting Arnab, making Aradhana feel helpless.

Arnab runs away from there leaving Aradhana all alone at late night when the goons start bothering Aradhana but she reacts as if she doesn’t care about them.

However, the goons try to attack her but fail as Aradhana uses a taser on one of them, making him unconscious while the other holds her hand.

Reyansh makes a heroic entry, saving Aradhana from the goon, and strikes the goon hard, making sure that he apologises to Aradhana.

Later, he mocks Aradhana for not being able to rescue herself and for choosing Arnab over him who left her alone at night.

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