Barsatein 6th December 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 6th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 6th December 2023 episode starts with Jay telling Aradhna that he knows she does not love him but still, he is very happy now he knows that she is just using Jay to get back at Reynash.

He then says that if they get married like this then it would be very wrong because Aradhna is not trying to forget her past but trying to avenge her past.

Jay then says that he will give Aradhna some time to cool off and think if this is how she wants to get married.

Meanwhile, Reynash is walking in the middle of the road at night thinking of Aradhna.

A tear trickles down his eye as he falls down to the ground.

Back in prison, Aradhna's cellmate asks her why is she marrying Jay as she could have married anyone to which she says that she is marrying Jay because he has always been with her and loves her.

She says that Jay wants nothing from her and respects her a lot.

Jay also tells his prison mate that love is like a flowing river while marriage is like still water which brings calm and serenity.

The next day, Aradhna comes out of the police station and sees Reyansh sleeping on the bench.

She sits next to him and calls his name, he wakes up and says that Aradhna has finally defeated him and his love.

She says that Reyansh has hurt her the same amount as he loved her, Reyansh reminds Aradhna that when she saved him from the goons he realized that he was falling for her.

Aradhna replies that they both will learn to live with this pain to which he replies that he still sees her love for him in her eyes.

She says that she has not yet married Jay which brings a smile on Reyansh's face.

Aradhna tells him that Jay was the one to call off the wedding as he did not want anger to drive Aradhna's emotions.

Ryenash says that whatever the reason is, he is happy that they did not get married to which Aradhna replies that she will marry Jay but with proper rituals in front of her entire family.

Aradhna's lawyer comes and gives Reyansh a restraining order which states that he will have to stay 20 feet apart from Aradhna at all times.

Aradhna then says that Reyansh will be arrested for mentally harassing her, beating a British national, and filing a false complaint against him.

Aradhna tells Reyansh that by Monday she will be Jay's wife to which Reynash says that he knows Aradhna can never forget him.

Later that day, Aradhna dreams that she and Reyansh are dressed up like bride and groom and are in a beautifully decorated hall.

They both flirt with each other and hug each other after which Reyansh asks if they should get married to which Aradhna replies yes.

Reynash picks her up and starts circling around Agni but then Aradhna dupatta catches fire and that makes Aradhna wake up.

Malini enters and tells Aradhna that she looks beautiful after which Kriti enters and apologizes to Aradhna for her past actions and tells her that she does not want to lose another sister.

Aradhna hugs Kriti after which Kriti volunteers to go to Jay's house as Aradhna's bridemade.

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