Barsatein 6th February 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 6th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 6th February 2024 episode starts with Jagruti telling Vikram that they are just overthinking as it is Aradhna's second picture.

Pooja mumbles that first they need to find the murderer which makes Vikram ask what did she say.

Varun enters which makes Jagruti mad however Varun says that he cannot find the charger.

Jagruti says that Varun cannot always lose his things and then take hers which makes Vikram say that Varun is exactly like Jay.

Varun holds Vikram's collar which makes Pooja and Jagruti struggle to separate them.

Meanwhile, Jay tells Neeta that soon all the charges against him will be dropped soon which makes Neeta say that soon they will go back to London.

Neeta starts crying and says that she knows Jay still loves Aradhna and will always love her post her marriage with Reyansh.

Jay is shocked to find out about this news while Neeta continues to say that Jagruti gave her sweets to celebrate Reyansh and Aradhna's union.

Neeta says that now Aradhna feels that she is a free bird as she proposed to Reyansh herself.

She also says that Jagruti asked her to empty the house as soon as possible and then blames Aradhna for taking their lives from them.

Jay says that Aradhna always loved Reyansh so he has to be happy for her after all all love stories do not lead to a happy ending.

Bani agrees to him while Jay excuses himself.

As soon as Jay leaves, Neeta wipes off her tears and says that she has been putting on an act to make Jay hate Aradhna.

She then says that first, they need to make sure that Reyansh and Aradhna get married so that Jay does not go back to her after which she will take her revenge.

Later, Aradhna comes when Neeta pretends that she is very tense and Bani says that people are very selfish while looking at Aradhna.

Neeta says that she has one request from Aradhna and that is she wants Aradhna not to take any alimony from them as they are not as rich as they used to be.

Aradhna says that why Neeta is saying all this to which Bani says that Neeta is just saying what is true.

Aradhna asks Bani not to talk to her in this tone otherwise she will slap her again like she did.

Bani asks Aradhna to drop the act as the whole colony knows the truth about her, a few people come from the neighborhood and say how dare Aradhna take so much money from Neeta?

They show Aradhna the news of how Aradhna asked for an alimony of 100 crores per year.

They say that Aradhna should be kicked out of the house which makes Reyansh enter and says that no one can dare do that to Aradhna.

Reyansh says that he knows very well who published that news after which he says that Jay and Aradhna never got married and that is why the question of alimony does not arise.

Aradhna wonders if Reyansh has won at love or at hate.

Meanwhile, Vikram has brought Pooja to celebrate spouse day at the office however her real motive is to check Reyansh's office for clues.

Kadambari greets them after which Pooja sneaks into Reyansh's office and calls Aradhna there.

She finds Reyansh's important files.

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