Barsatein 6th November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 6th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 6th November 2023 episode starts with the people dancing at the Mehndi ceremony of Reyansh and Kimaya while Reyansh tells Jai that they are celebrating their ruin. 

Jai tells him to stop this marriage while Rey tells him to go ahead and try as Aradhana has and failed. 

He threatens to tell the truth to everyone while Rey tells him that he will not do anything like this as he is hiding something of his own. 

Reyansh asks Jai why is he marrying Kiki when he does not love her and what is it that he is hiding. 

Jai thinks of all the things Kiki is making him do and how he loves Aradhana knowing that she loves Reyansh. 

Just then, Kiki comes there telling Jai lovingly to come and dance while Jai rudely tells her that there is no need to pretend.

Aradhana comes side by side with Viren while Kriti looks at her angrily and tells Malini to ask her to leave. 

Malini comes to Viren and takes him aside while Reyansh asks her if she won over Viren. 

Aradhana tells him that she has told Viren everything which tickles Reyansh and he tells her that she has made the situation interesting. 

Meanwhile, Malini tells Viren that she does not want Aradhana here as she wants to halt Kimaya and Reyansh’s marriage. 

However, Viren tells her that Aradhana has informed him about everything and if she does not like it then, she should stop the marriage as Reyansh is equally to blame for that MMS.

Malini walks away from there as she has no answer to that while Aradhana feels sad that the person she came searching for is angry at her.

Further, Reyansh mocks Viren for his helplessness in not being able to stop the wedding and that his daughter is so much in love with him that even if he walks out from there, she will follow her to the end of the earth. 

Rey tells him that because of him, he was deprived of his mother's love and his father never had his wife’s love and now he has his daughter in his control that she will not even listen to her father. 

Viren tells him that he never destroyed any marriage and after Kadambari married Vivek, he never contacted her or gave her any hope of their reconciliation. 

Reyansh tells him that it is not his concern but he will have his revenge on her. 

Afterwards, Reyansh goes to Kimaya and boldly writes his name on her wrist, saying he does not hide what he does. 

Later, Kimaya is admiring her hand henna when Viren comes to her, asking if she is happy. 

He also tells her that this house will always be hers and that her father will always be there for her no matter what. 

However, Kimaya tells him that she feels lucky to have Reyansh as she would have died after Angad’s betrayal.

Viren realises that Kimaya is too far gone and will not listen to reason now when he hopes that Aradhana can perform some miracle. 

The next day, during the Haldi ceremony, Kadambari comes to apply Haldi on Rey but he stops her, saying that she never did anything for him since he was a child but now she is applying Haldi on him and that Khanna’s are really a magical lot. 

Just then, Kimaya comes there with Viren and tells him that she would have run away with him if anyone tried to make her late. 

Viren texts Aradhana to talk to Malini after which Aradhana asks Malini to give her a chance to talk to her and afterwards, she will do whatever she says. 

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