Barsatein 6th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 6th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 6th September 2023 episode starts with Reyansh heading somewhere in the morning, driving rashly and gritting his teeth while recalling his past encounters with Aradhana.

He stops at the Oassian Bakery to pick up Aradhana when he feels someone passing him again and again but he fails to spot the person and gets weird about the same.

Reyansh gets a hint of someone standing behind him and he immediately turns back when he finds Vivek standing there who mocks Reyansh for getting scared so easily.

However, Reyansh hugs him tightly to which Vivek assures him that now that he’s here, they’ll manage to convince Aradhana and everything will fall in place.

Just then, Bina appears there, inviting Reyansh and Vivek for a coffee while she informs Reyansh about Aradhana leaving for work early today.

On the other hand, Kimaya and Angad hug each other when Aradhana unknowingly makes her space there and apologises to them for interrupting.

Further, Aradhana informs them about the uncommon interview she is planning for them as they are the bride and groom when she reveals that she’ll ask questions to them to which they both have to reply together.

On the coffee table, Reyansh tries to tell Vivek indirectly about the swapping of names they have done in Dehradun and says that Vivek is Reyansh Lamba and he is here to find Ankush (Vikram) as he is his son.

Reyansh tells Vivek that Ankush is at the Khanna’s party, adding that they too have to go there when Bina curses the Jindal and grabs Reyansh’s attention.

However, Reyansh softly tries to unveil everything and learns that Viren arrested Nagendra Nath (Alka’s brother) as he was involved in stealing idols from the temple while Nagendra committed suicide to escape from this matter.

Bina mentions that she doesn’t get the reason behind Viren marrying her daughter to Jindal since they even have a criminal report to which Reyansh advises Bina to accompany them to Khanna's party as Vivek’s girlfriend.

Later, Aradhana encounters Reyansh in the party when Reyansh tries to inform her to be more careful as the Jindals have already tried thrice to kill Aradhana.

Aradhana stays stubborn about covering the Jindals' story and is about to leave but stops seeing Vivek entering the party with Bina.

Meanwhile, Vivek spots Vikram and instantly starts calling him his son to inform him about their plan while Reyansh also signals to Vikram, telling him about the same when Aradhana gives him a disgusting look.

Just then, Aradhana takes over the stage, announcing that she wants everyone to know the real truth about Reyansh (Vivek) whom they’ve just met.

However, Aradhana continues to speak and says that Reyansh uncle is a very generous man who has always treated her like her own daughter while everyone sighs in relief when Aradhana doesn’t disclose the truth.

Later, Vivek comforts her by saying that he understands what she went through, advising her to open her heart a little bit since the heart needs some fresh air to survive and gives her a pendant in the form of his blessings.

Further, Aradhana plays a video of everyone’s recorded interviews and reactions to Angad and Kimaya’s wedding when everyone gathers together and looks at their clips with huge smiles on their faces.

Just then, a clip plays of Angad and Kemaya in which Aradhana asks them if they are ready to sign the prenuptial agreement before marriage to which Kemaya immediately agrees while Angad gets aggressive on the question.

Seeing this clip, Alka and her husband get furious and start yelling at Aradhana for asking such questions to Angad when Kimaya defends Aradhana’s intention but is stopped by Alka.

Meanwhile, Viren tries to explain Aradhana’s intention to Alka when she lashes out at him as well and says that he thinks himself of as a very modern person.

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