Barsatein 7th February 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 7th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 7th February 2024 episode starts with Kadambari coming to Reyansh's cabin which spooks Pooja however Kadambari is just here for her phone.

Vikram enters there and asks what Reyansh's important file is in Pooja's hands which makes Pooja say that she was just picking it up.

Vikram tells Pooja to keep the file safe as it contains very important information.

Pooja asks if media heads can easily sabotage cases if they are guilty with the help of their news channel which makes Vikram agree as it is easy for news heads to change the news.

Meanwhile, Kadambari sees Viren and asks what is doing over here to which he says that he wanted to meet her for a very long time.

Kadambari says that he should not have come here however Viren says that he has left Malini.
Elsewhere, Pooja wants to click the pictures of Reyansh's file, however, her phone memory is full so she starts deleting the pictures.

Vikram enters and asks how can Pooja delete their pictures and why she deleted her stupid selfies or pictures of Kartik Aryan.

He tells her that Malini has a child with her first boyfriend and now his trust is broken and also Kimaya's death had a huge impact on him and he feels that he has been living a fake life for such a long time.

He says that he has been with Malini for so long yet he could never write about her but with Kadambari he could go on and on for pages.

He says that he wants to be with her now.
Meanwhile, Vikram asks if Pooja touched the files which makes Pooja say why would she do it.

Elsewhere, Kadambari says that she will not hear anything against Vivek as he spent his entire life for her and now it is time for payback.

Viren says that she loves him and they should follow their hearts to which Kadambari replies that she waited for him her entire life but now she cannot do it anymore.

Meanwhile, Neeta, Akash, and Varun are listening to songs on the TV and discussing what to do with Reyansh when Jagruti enters and says that they need to soon empty the house.

Neeta holds her angrily and starts bashing her and says that Jagruti thinks that she is some sort of queen and the next time she taunts Neeta then it will not be good for her.

Back in the office, Kadambari tells Aradhna that her love has changed Reyansh and soon she will send in a proposal for her.

She says that this marriage will bring a lot of happiness in her life which makes Aradhna think that she wishes this to be true.

Aradhna then goes to Pooja and says that they need concrete proof after which Aradhna says that something is going on and she feels that the accident and the drug case are somehow connected.

Pooja asks Aradhna to check the files while she is back but as soon as Pooja leaves, the lights go off and Aradhna wonders if Reyansh has found out about her plan.

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