Barsatein 7th November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 7th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 7th November 2023 episode starts with Jai walking to the middle of the hall and throwing away his Shawl angrily.

He scolds Kriti calling her shameless while she shouts at him that she is his fiancée and not Aradhana.

Jai argues with her telling her that he is not engaged to her and that she has trapped him by threatening to defame Aradhana.

However, now that the truth is out, he should break his engagement.

Jai breaks his engagement

Kriti threatens him to go ahead and break their engagement to see his father end up in hospital.

Jai tells Kriti that he won't get hit by her and acts like a good boy as he pushes her hand away throwing the bowl of Mehendi from her hand.

Kriti starts crying to play the victim card while Jai walks to Reyansh's room to calm himself.

Reyansh mocks him when Jai tells him not to teach him what to do while Reyansh stands up, telling him that he has made a fool out of himself to help Aradhana.

He demands Jai to choose between him or Aradhana while Jai tells him not to ask a question he would not like the answer to.

Reyansh gets annoyed and asks Jai if his heart shifted from Kriti to Aradhana to which Jai agrees and confesses that he loves her.

However, Reyansh thinks that it is only a plan of Aradhana to make him jealous and tells Jai to not get in between him and Aradhana.

Jai confesses to Aradhana.

Jai tells him that he will and states that today they are fighting over a girl after being friends for so long while Reyansh asks if it is Aradhana.

However, Jai states that it is not Aradhana but Kadambari Devi whose revenge he wants to take and has gotten obsessive over.

Later, Jai reveals the truth to Aradhana about his love for her and his reasoning for agreeing to marry Kriti while on the other hand, Kriti shows the house documents to Malini and manipulates her into thinking that Aradhana is trapping Jai too.

Aradhana tells Jai that she does not want to hear him as she is already worried about Reyansh and Kimaya.

Reyansh starts looking for Aradhana while Aradhana rejects Jai, telling him that she does not like him and has become toxic like Reyansh.

It all turns out to be Jai's dream as Aradhana shakes his arm and asks him what it is.

Elsewhere, Viren talks to Kadambari stating that Reyansh is doing this only for revenge over what they had.

She cries that she did everything only for him while he tells her that his priority is only his family and his daughters while Kadambari cries, asking him if he did not remember her once.

Viren reasons that he remembers her but only as a chapter in his life and tells her that he has moved on in life.

She cries as she turns around and sees Vivek which shocks her.

Malini learns the truth

Meanwhile, Jai puts his hands on Aradhana's shoulder and tells her that he will always support her regarding Reyansh.

Just then, Malini opens the door and drags Aradhana out without listening to them.

Vivek tells Kadambari that he is surprised that once again she is the reason his son is going to destroy himself.

He says that he's upset that the guy because of whom she has never accepted their marriage is not hers.

Later, Malini drives Aradhana to Bina's house and starts packing her clothes, telling her that this girl cannot stay in the city.

Bina argues with Malini and tells her that this is her home while Malini turns to Aradhana and raises her hand at her stating that she should have never let her enter her home.

However, before Malini can slap Aradhana, Bhakti comes there and stops her revealing that Aradhana is the same daughter whom Malini left in her care.

She rebukes Malini for not recognizing her daughter and even calling her such names when she sacrificed her everything.

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