Barsatein 8th February 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 8th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 8th February 2024 episode starts with the lights going off which makes the whole office worried.

A man approaches Vikram with a knife in his hand which makes Vikram ask who he is however the man hits Vikram on his head however Vikram falls down while holding the man's ring.

After which the man heads to Aradhna who is still looking through Reyansh's files to find out the truth about Bhakti's accident.

Meanwhile, Pooja spots the strange man however she sees Vikram injured so she helps him.

The lights come back which makes Kadambari enter the scene too after which she asks where Aradhna is as some strange man has broken into the office.

Vikram opens his eyes and says that a man wants to take the account file that Vikram had in his eyes.

Pooja says that Aradhna is in Reyansh's cabin however when they all go there, Aradhna is not present but her phone is.

Vikram sees that the file is also missing which has reports for the drug scam.

Pooja says that she thinks that the man has kidnapped Aradhna as when she saw him then he was carrying a huge bag.

Meanwhile, Reyansh is happily dancing in his room thinking about Aradhna.

He gets a call from Vikram which makes him hang up the call and then start talking to his imaginary Aradhna again.

Now Pooja calls Reyansh however he hangs up the call again, finally, Kadambari calls him and informs him that Aradhna has been kidnapped.

Meanwhile, Jagruti finds out about Aradhna's kidnapping which makes her cry like a child.

Neeta is shocked as she does not know who is behind Aradhna's kidnapping, Jay goes to Jagruti and asks if she is okay.

Jagruti asks Jay to get lost after all he hates Aradhna but Bani informs Jay that Aradhna has been kidnapped.

Jay promises to Jagruti that he will bring Aradhna back which makes Neeta say that Jay should be careful as maybe Reyansh's rivals are involved in this.

Bani asks Jay not to be involved in this which makes him reply that he is going to meet with Reyansh.

Back at the office, Vikram and Pooja are giving their statements when Reyansh comes and says that the inspector should arrest Jay.

Meanwhile, Aradhna is tied to a chair with a woman standing in front of her but her face is not visible because of the dark.

The woman asks Aradhna to listen to the conversation between Reyansh and the inspector as the woman has already bugged the office with microphones.

Aradhna hears Reyansh saying to Jay who has come to the office that he is the one behind Aradhna's kidnapping however Jay says that he wants to beat Reyansh to death.

The woman in the meantime burns the file containing reports on the drug case.

Meanwhile, the inspector makes fun of the fact that Aradhna has an ex-husband and a future husband.

Reyansh tells the inspector that he is good for nothing and now he will find Aradhna on his own.

Elsewhere, the woman lights a fire around Aradhna and then leaves the room.

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