Barsatein 8th November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 8th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 8th November 2023 episode starts with Aradhana’s foster mother scolds Malini for accusing the girl who sacrificed her happiness to keep her family’s reputation. 

Malini feels shaken at the news that she is her daughter and hugs Aradhana while crying her heart out. 

Malini asks her why did she not tell her while she tells him that she was not ready to hear. 

Malini tells her about Reyansh while Aradhana’s mother tells her that Reyansh is nothing but bad news because he has done nothing but hurt Aradhana ever since she came to her laugh. 

She also tells her that Reyansh never received any love from his mother because she was in love with another man. 

Malini Knows The Truth About Virendra

Revealing to Malini that Virendra is the love of Kadambari’s life and Reyansh is out for revenge on him which is why he got engaged to Kimaya. 

Malini is shocked to hear that and apologises to Aradhana for not believing her when she put her reputation at risk for her sisters. 

However, Aradhana’s mother tells her that she is a selfish mother who is happy in her new life without caring for Aradhana. 

Malini tells her that it is not true and she is always in her thoughts. 

Aradhana tells her not to apologise and finally addresses Aradhana as Mother. 

She tells Malini that they will have to stop Reyansh and Kimaya's wedding and save Kimaya. 

The next day, Reyansh collides with Aradhana who tells him that Kimaya will not marry him and she has won. 

Meanwhile, Malini looks around the wedding venue and cries not being able to come to a decision.

In the meantime, Reyansh and Aradhana come to Kimaya’s room where Aradhana tries to talk Kimaya out of it but Kimaya tells her that she does not want to hear anything about her marriage anymore.

After a while, Reyansh gets a call from JD asking him about the status of revenge while Reyansh tells him that he is right and his revenge will start today. 

Meanwhile, Malini shows Virendra Kadambari’s photo and tells him that she is not angry at him for not telling her about his past but because his past has come knocking at their door and threatening her daughter’s happiness. 

Reyansh Prepares for Revenge

Elsewhere, Reyansh tells Jd that he use to count his tears in his childhood and now is the time to get revenge for it. 

JD tells him that he marries a woman who could never love him and now he is marrying a woman whom he cannot love. 

Telling him to come with him, he takes Reyansh somewhere. 

Meanwhile, Virendra tells Malini that they will have to stop the wedding or else Reyansh will ruin her. 

However, Malini tells him that Kimaya is already ruined and stopping this marriage will not change anything and this is happening because of him. 

Just then Koko comes to Malini telling her that Kimaya has told her that she will only come out after the wedding procession will come and not a second before.

JD commits Suicide

Elsewhere, JD brings Reyansh to a bridge and tells him that he has made him a happy man as his son is taking revenge for him. 

However, he tells him that although he is an exemplary son for him but he cannot become an ideal father for him as he could not teach him to love. 

Reyansh tells him that it is not his fault but Kadambari’s fault because she never loved them. 

However, JD tells him that it is not Kadambari who raised him but he did and he feels ashamed that because of his lack, he destroyed Aradhana’s life and is now going to ruin another innocent girl. 

He tells him that it is not his responsibility to suck the poison out of his life and for that he will have to die so that he can learn to understand love. 

Reyansh tries to stop him but he pushes Reyansh aside and jumps into the river.

Reyansh also jumps after him to save him but he is nowhere to be seen. 

In the meantime, Aradhan arrives there following Reyansh’s location and jumps after Reyansh to save him. 

Reyansh flails his hands calling for JD while Aradhana drags him to the shore and then returns to the river to save JD who is floating at a far end while hitting his head. 

Aradhana drags him out and tries to revive him while Reyansh looks lost to see JD’s motionless body. 

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