Barsatein 8th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 8th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 8th September 2023 episode starts with Vikram talking to Puja and asking her to understand him a bit as he is having an identity crisis by staying in that city.

Reyansh enters the cabin which changes Vikram's tone and he tells Puja that he is hanging up as her Sautan is here to trouble him with his issues.

Vikram asks Reyansh why he was talking to Aradhna in such a rude manner earlier as Vikram witnessed the whole scene.

Reyansh says that Aradhna wants to stop the wedding and go after the Jindals which makes Vikram frustrated and he reminds that they work for Viren.

Understanding Vikram's point of view, Reyansh says that he is thinking about what he should do as the family history of the Jindals seems too suspicious as they did not have anything until a year ago.

Reyansh says that they need to keep a close eye on this family as something smells fishy about them.

Later, everyone gathers for another function of the wedding and all the youngsters complain about the boring and old songs playing at the function.

Malini says that no one should dare to change the song as these are necessary as the shagun which even makes Viren silent.

Aradhna notices Malini walking away from her and remembers that she needs to apologize to her and Viren for the scene she caused the previous night.

Spotting Viren, Aradhna comes to him and says sorry for her behaviour the previous day as she caused a scene but Viren says that Aradhna does not need to apologize.

Viren says that he understands that his having three daughters and a hoard of money can lure in people easily for which reason, he has already made the prenup papers.

Aradhna gets taken back while Viren jokes that he will take her name if Malini gets to know about the matter and starts beating him in anger.

Alka and her husband enter the house and greet Viren and Malini while giving a side eye to Aradhna after which she says that she needs to talk to the family in private.

After coming inside, Alka says that they need to get done with the marriage by the next day as it is their Guruji's instructions to which Malini agrees after thinking a bit.

Aradhna overhears the conversation and thinks about how she will be able to gain evidence within one day when Reyansh comes there making Aradhna feel irritated.

However, Aradhna starts smiling as she watches Reyansh and others dance happily after which she comes to talk to Malini.

Aradhna says that she considers Kimaya as her younger sister and does not want her to go through the same thing as her to which Malini replies that she is not angry at Aradhna.

Malini calls Aradhna her daughter and gives her a new lehenga which makes Reyansh enchanted as he watches Aradhna wearing that.

Reyansh tells Aradhna that he has a gift for her but Aradhna refuses to see it after which Reyansh pulls her close to him and says that it is about Jindals.

Aradhna gets curious and pulls Reyansh dangerously close to her face while she asks him what he has with him but Reyansh does not reveal anything.

Reyansh brings Aradhna to the basement room and asks her to open the door which Aradhna reluctantly does and gets shocked to see something inside.

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