Barsatein 9th February 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 9th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 9th February 2024 episode starts with Aradhna smelling the smoke that is filling the room.

She gets panicky as her hands are tied and she cannot yell for help as her mouth is gagged.

Meanwhile, Jagruti says that she feels useless as she is not able to crack Neet or save her sister which makes Pooja reply that the kidnapper was smart enough not to leave any clues behind.

Jagruti says that Neeta was right as this is all happening because of Reyansh which offends Vikram however Jagruti continues to blame Reyansh for Bhakti's accident.

Vikram gets defensive however Pooja intervenes and says that their number one priority should be finding Aradhna.

Just then the bell rings and a bloody trunk is kept at the door with Aradhna's name written on it.

Vikram opens the trunk with shaky hands and finds a bottle of ketchup and a letter saying to drop the drug case or else next time it will be the real blood of Aradhna.

Jagruti yells at Vikram to end the drug case which makes Vikram reply with tears in his eyes that he will ask Reyansh to end it immediately.

Meanwhile, the unknown female goes to Aradhna and says that she will not kill her yet because first, she needs to make her suffer.

Elsewhere, Neeta tells Akash that she did not kidnap Aradhna but feels that the boss is behind this as this will make Reyansh drop the drug case.

Later, Jagruti goes to Bhakti and says that she is really missing her and Aradhna as she needs someone with whom she can share her pain.

Jagruti starts talking to Bhakti while Bhakti picks up a pen and scribbles something on a paper with the utmost difficulty.

Jagruti reads that Bhakti has written the word boss on the paper after which Vikram calls Jagruti to the office as they are going to negotiate with the kidnappers.

Meanwhile, Reyansh tells Vikram that there is no guarantee that the kidnapper will set Aradhna free even if he gives in to his demands.

A private number video calls Reyansh which he answers.

The woman on the other end says that Aradhna will be shot dead and this is his new breaking news.

Reyansh says that he will kill the person behind this which is also heard by Aradhna.

The woman asks Reyansh to drop the news which makes Reyansh say that he will drop the news as he loves Aradhna.

Aradhna thinks to herself that she was wrong in doubting Reyansh as he really loves her.

Reyansh orders his employees to drop the news however the kidnapper says that she will still punish Aradhna and Reyansh as they have been troubling her a lot.

Reyansh begs her to stop however the kidnapper shoots at Aradhna whose face is covered and bursts her head.

This makes Reyansh drop his phone in shock while Jagruti, Vikram, Pooja, and Kadambari start screaming.

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