Barsatein 9th January 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 9th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 9th January 2024 episode starts with Neeta blaming Aradhna for ruining everything as Jay has not yet come home.

Bhakti takes Aradhna's side but Neeta says that the video is quite evident of the type of things that Aradhna does with Reyansh.

Bani enters and tells Neeta that she has good news for her and that all her accounts are not sealed anymore and just in a few days they will get their passports back.

Aradhna asks about Jay's whereabouts to which she replies that Jay is fine however he has asked not to tell anyone about where he is.

Pooja calls Aradhna and tells her that Reyansh is throwing a party for Alisha.

Aradhna says to Pooja that they should talk to her lawyer to which Pooja says that she wants to do it.

She calls the lawyer and talks about divorce and to make the case strong while Neeta overhears the conversation, thinking that Aradhna is talking about her divorce.

Aradhna then goes to a place where she expects Alisha to be and starts accusing her of adultery.

However, Alisha is not there but Reyansh is, taking a spa.

Reyansh rolls his eyes seeing Aradhna and walks to her asking what she wants but before he can reach her, he loses his balance and falls onto Aradhna.

Aradhna and Reyansh lock eyes while rolling on top of each other.

Reyansh says that if Aradhna wanted to do this then she should have informed him beforehand.

Aradhna calls Reyansh a jerk and gets up while Reyansh says that someone in her own house leaked the video.

Later, Pooja and Aradhna go to Alisha's party hosted by Reyansh where Vikram says that today he will introduce everyone to his true love.

Pooja is about to cry as she knows that Vikram is going to acknowledge Alisha publically however to her surprise, Vikram takes Pojja's name and says that he truly loves her and Reyansh helped him understand this.

Reyansh goes to a flashback where he tells Alisha that Vikram has named everything after Pooja so that he can have a fresh start while Alisha responds that she loves Vikram however she cannot live with Vikram if he has nothing.

Back in reality, Vikram apologizes to Pooja while Reyansh says that he needs to show Vikram Alisha's real face.

Elsewhere, Neeta tells Jay that Aradhna has been talking to a divorce lawyer to which Jay says that Aradhna cannot divorce him as they are not married in real.

Neeta tells Jay that today also Aradhna is in a hotel which means that he is cheating on him and they need to go there immediately.

Meanwhile, Reyansh follows Aradhna into a store room and holds her tight as she tells him that she still does not trust him.

Reyansh says that he did not leak their video as he loves her and cannot hurt her.

Aradhna says that Reyansh has only hurt her to which Reyansh says that she is a journalist and should find out the truth on her own.

She tries to go out but Neeta's man has locked them in, Reyansh pulls Aradhna back and pins her to the wall.

Meanwhile, Jay and Neeta reach the hotel where Neeta's man gives her a slight nod as Jay opens the door of the storeroom and sees Reyansh and Aradhna together.

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