Barsatein 9th November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 9th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 9th November 2023 episode starts with Aradhana applying pressure to Vivek's chest to help him expel the water that accumulated inside him after his near-drowning incident.

She keeps calling out his name loudly and asks him to wake up anyhow as he cannot leave him alone or else she will lose Reyansh forever. 

She keeps applying pressure to him telling him to wake up as she loves Reyansh a lot and cannot lose him. 

After a while, VK finally takes a breath and wakes up while Kimaya cries with relief and Reyansh feels alive again.

Reyansh walks away from Aradhana and VK, while VK’s words echo in his mind. 

Virendra Worries For Kimaya

On the other hand, Virendra comes to Kadambari asking her about Reyansh when Malini comes there telling him to sort out Kimaya's problem and not create a scene. 

Meanwhile, Koko comes to talk to Kimaya asking her to let her come inside but she tells her that she will only come out when Reyansh comes there. 

After a while, Kiki tells Malini that Reyansh and Aradhana both are missing which surprises Malini and she tells Kiki that Aradhana was with her a while ago. 

On the other hand, Aradhana asks VK how could he do something so cowardly despite being so brave. 

VK tells Aradhana that he cannot see Reyansh becoming an animal and knows that he is the reason behind it. 

However, Aradhana tells him that Reyansh loves him a lot and he only keeps him grounded. 

Just then Reyansh takes the car from there while VK tells Aradhana to save Kimaya who is innocent in all this. 

Elsewhere, Viren gets angry at the guests who are making fun of the postponement of the wedding and tells Malini that Kimaya will break down if the wedding does not take place. 

Just then Reyansh comes there looking wet when Kadambari asks her where was he while Reyansh ignores her and moves on towards Kimaya’s room. 

Malini and Viren try to stop him but Reyansh tells them to let him go and not create a scene here. 

Reyansh Apologise To Kimaya

In Kimaya’s room, Reyansh apologises to her for using her for his selfish reasons to take revenge on her father. 

Reyansh tells her that he went too far in order to seek revenge and that he put himself and his pain above all else. 

He also tells her that he loves Aradhana a lot and she is her sister who was ready to sacrifice her love for her but when she finds out that he is marrying her to seek revenge on her father then she chooses her and tries to save her. 

Meanwhile, Aradhana and VK come to the wedding venue too while Aradhana tells Malini that they will have to stop Reyansh as he is mad in anger. 

On the other hand, Reyansh tells Kimaya that she is a lovely girl and deserves someone who loves her and soon she will find it.

As Reyansh comes close to Kimaya asking her if she will forgive him, Kimaya tells him that he loves him and faints in his arms. 

Reyansh gets worried and tries to wake Kimaya but Kimaya is motionless making Reyansh cry in grief. 

Malini, Virendra, Aradhana, and VK all come running to them and try to wake Kimaya but she is long gone. 

Aradhana asks Reyansh what did he do to her and Reyansh tells her that he did nothing. 

However, Aradhana accuses him of killing Kimaya saying that his revenge killed her. 

Someone Kills Kimaya

Later, Reyansh comes to the police station to get himself arrested for Kimaya’s murder saying she died because of the trauma he caused. 

The inspector tells him to wait outside while he investigates. 

Meanwhile, Reyansh recalls all the things he has said to Aradhana about using Kimaya to make Virendra pay and that no one can stop him.

Later, the inspector tells Reyansh that Kimaya did not die of trauma but she dies because she took sleeping pills and that too an hour before his arrival.

Just then Aradhana comes there and tells the inspector that Reyansh has killed Kimaya and even if he gets free of the technicality then too for her he will be Kimaya’s killer. 

In the meantime, the inspector tells Aradhana that they will find out soon enough who gave sleeping pills to Kimaya after getting the CCTV footage. 

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