Barsatein 9th October 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 9th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 9th October 2023 episode starts with Viren asking Jay to drop him at his house while he is going back as he has sent his car to pick up Koko.

Jay happily welcomes Viren inside his car and starts his car after which Viren talks about how a fight got caused between him and Reyansh all of a sudden.

Asking Viren to chill about that, Jay says that Reyansh's temper is a bit maniac and he will handle him but he asks Viren why he stopped the news from getting released.

Viren gets silent and changes the topic without giving Jay any answer to his question.

Meanwhile, Vivek calls Reyansh and congratulates him for launching a new channel but Reyansh says that he is done with living in Dehradun and talks about returning.

Vivek reminds Reyansh why he went to Dehradun in the first place to which Reyansh replies that he needs to fix Aradhna's life that got uprooted because of him.

Reyansh says that he is doing everything he can but he tends to lose his cool after certain things happen in front of him.

Aradhna searches for Reyansh or Jay as she wants to clear the situation between them because she thinks of herself as the cause of the fight.

Reyansh and Aradhna bump into each other in the office and Aradhna asks Reyansh if all his friends are there to bear the weight of his anger.

Aradhna says that Reyansh needs to keep his temper in check after which she holds his arm to stop him and Reyansh asks what meaning he should assess of that move.

Reyansh taunts Aradhna by saying that he will make out wrong meanings of Aradhna's advances after which Aradhna surrounds Reyansh by pushing him to the wall.

Aradhna says that Reyansh is not the only one who knows to stop one's path and she can do the same thing but she gets flustered as Reyansh adjusts her hair while making eye contact.

As Reyansh comes close to Aradhna, she gets nervous and tells him to do whatever he thinks of before walking away.

Meanwhile, Reyansh calls Jay to talk to him but Jay and Viren get into an accident as a truck comes out of nowhere and Jay fails to control the car.

Reyansh is shocked to hear the shattering sound and tells Kimaya and Akash that he thinks that Jai must have met an accident.

They rush to the hospital to check on Viren and Jai instantly and are shocked to hear that the driver could not be saved.

Meanwhile, Aradhna feels warm as Malini thanks her for stopping the news from getting released after which Vivek calls Malini to congratulate her about Jai and Aradhna.

Malini gets reminded of Bina's warning and feels dizzy after which Aradhna comes to Kimaya and is stunned to hear that Kimaya might be pregnant.

Kimaya asks Aradhna not to tell anyone about the matter after which Malini tells them that Viren has met an accident.

Aradhna comes to the washroom and finds Kimaya's pregnancy with a positive sign which makes her nervous.

Elsewhere, Reyansh, Akash, and Kimaya meet Viren who says that Jai was driving the car and the doctor informs them that the other person could not be saved.

Everyone starts crying when Jai appears and says that he is still alive following a warm reunion between him and Reyansh.

Malini, Aradhna, and Kimaya arrive at the hospital after which Aradhna tells Kimaya to have all the tests done which will confirm her pregnancy.

While filling out the form, Kimaya says that she cannot reveal her identity which leads Aradhna to write her name on the form instead.

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