Bekaboo 11th June 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 11th June 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 11th June 2023 Written Update: Bekaaboo written update

Bekaboo 11th June 2023 Written Update

Patali tortures Bela to make Ranav react

Today's 11th June 2023 Bekaboo episode starts with Patali acting like Bela has hurt her foot and saying that Bela wants to take revenge on her for blaming Bela at that party.

Patali acts rudely toward Bela and tries to get a reaction from Ranav but Ranav stays silent and says that he will not get engaged in those types of matters.

Bela stands there silently as Patali asks her to massage her legs and obeys her as her mother signals Bela to do as Patali asks her.

As Bela starts massaging Patali's legs, Patali screams in pain and says that Bela is trying to break her limbs.

Patali thinks that she can torture Bela so Ranav's care for her comes forward and tells Bela that she is of no use while insulting her.

Mallika and Naira interrupt Bela in serving Patali and jump in to massage Patali's legs so that they gain brownie points from her.

Bela asks Patali to get a good massage from Mallika and Naira and leaves while Patali gets pissed about her plan not succeeding.

Later, at the lunch table, Patali tastes the food and spits it out which leaves everyone shocked and Yamini asks Patali what is wrong with her.

Patali asks Bela what she has cooked that tastes so disgusting to which Bela replies that she has simply made eggplant bharta.

Bela and the others stare at Patali with confused eyes as Patali asks Bela why she has added eggplant to the dish instead of garlic and tomatoes.

Bela says that she would have made the dish as per Patali's wish if she had told her beforehand but Patali throws away her plate in anger and starts insulting Deepa.

Patali asks Deepa what teaching she has given to her daughter that has made Bela such an arrogant and shameless girl who knows nothing but to seduce rich men.

Ranav stands up from his place and asks Patali to stop saying such harsh things to Deepa as she is Bela's mother and their guest whom he has brought into the house.

Patali smiles to herself as Ranav reacts the way she wants him to do and Bela stares at Ranav with loving eyes as he passes the handkerchief to Deepa so that she can wipe away her tears.

The masked villain enters Ranav's house

Later, as Naira says that she wants to gain Ranav, Patali chokes her and warns Naira that no third person should come between Ranav and Bela now.

Yamini hears the conversation and asks Naira to find out the reason why Patali is so fixated on Bela instead of which she would help Naira to make Ranav hers.

Bela comes to Ranav in his room to say thanks to him but Ranav says that he did not do it for Bela which hurts Bela inside her heart.

Ranav says that he will not fall for Bela's fake tears and the sad act of playing the victim while Bela says that she also does not want Ranav to show sympathy toward her.

Meanwhile, the masked villain comes into Ranav's house and Ranav spots someone standing by his window, deciding to chase the person till the end of the world.

Ranav gets hold of the masked villain and tries to take off their mask but they use their powers and create a fiery rift between them and Ranav.

However, Ranav says that this trick will not succeed against him anymore and jumps over the rift to catch the villain and gets his hands on them.

While fighting with that villain, Ranav's face gets burned by their powers and the masked villain escapes after taking that opportunity.

Ranav screams in frustration while Bela comes to him and caresses Ranav's face, healing his burn with her powers.

Bela says that they need to find that villain before they do something with the family members and says that she is going to find them but Ranav stops her from leaving.

Ranav tells Bela that she will not leave the house until the villain gets caught while Bela glares at Ranav saying that she will not take orders from him.

Bela gets kidnapped by the masked villain

Later, Bela gets a call from an anonymous person who tells her that they know about the identity of the masked villain but hangs up without saying anything.

Bela hesitatingly goes to the temple with Deepa where she again receives a call from the same number and comes outside to talk to the person.

However, as Bela returns to the temple, she hears Deepa screaming for help and searching for her all around the temple desperately.

The masked villain hits Bela on her head with a stone and kidnaps her after she falls to the floor, losing her senses.

Meanwhile, Pari Maa watches the sky getting darker and orders the Pari dooth to know about Bela and whether she is in any danger.

Ranav gets informed by Daruka that someone has kidnapped Bela and Deepa from the temple and he discovers the stone with Bela's blood on it, making his blood boil with anger.

Pari Maa also learns about Bela being in danger and decides to go to Earth by herself to save her daughter.

Bela comes back to her senses and tries to open the door of the room where she is locked but her powers do not work at all as the villain has used the techniques of a Pari.

Ranav succeeds in locating Bela with the help of the black thread that he asked Dadi to make Bela wear and comes to save Bela from that locked cave.

To open the door, both Ranav and Bela apply their powers together and finally breaks the magic put over the door.

Ranav and Bela run toward each other to hug the other but get reminded about them being enemies which stops them from expressing their love.

Bela says that she has to save her mother who is also there when suddenly Ranav gets hit by the masked villain and Bela gets confused as she spots the villain using the powers of a Pari.

End of Today's 11th June 2023 Bekaboo Episode.

Bekaboo 11th June 2023 Episode Update, Promo

The upcoming story of Bekaboo will reveal Ranav discovering Bela with Vijay while he is hugging her.

Currently, the story of Bekaboo revolves around Ranav discovering Bela's true identity and killing her at his convenience.

It is Patali's wish that Bela offers her blood to Ranav in order for him to become the strongest Rakshas of all time.

Bela and Ranav have both fallen in love with one another, but they are trying to suppress their feelings since they consider each other enemies.

A new twist in Bekaboo shows Yamini accusing Bela of being an indecent woman who has an affair with Vijay after marrying Ranav.

Bela will be stunned when Vijay agrees to Yamini's statement, acting as if the two were sharing a secret.

The next twist will have Ranav asking Bela to leave the house while Bela believes Ranav laid the trap to defame her.

It will be interesting to see if Bela leaves Ranav's life or if Ranav stops her in future episodes of Beqaboo.

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