Bekaboo 13th May 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 13th May 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 13th May 2023 Written Update: Bekaaboo written update

Bekaboo 13th May 2023 Written Update

Today's Bekaboo episode starts with Prarthna and Raghu trying to fight Mehek and Trisha but Patali asks them to quit resisting as Purvika is still in their capture.

Meanwhile, Ranav brings Yamini to the middle of the jungle and starts attacking her to take revenge for Aswath's death when Patali comes there suddenly.

Patali reveals herself as Pratham's mother

Ranav recognizes Patali instantly as she is his, Aswath, Vansh, and Yamini's mother and their father's wife who left them.

Patali says that she abandoned her children for their own good but was always around to look after them.

As Patali stares at Ranav and hugs him as her grandson, she feels that he gives her the feel of Pratham somehow.

After bringing Ranav and Yamini inside a room, Patali says that she and their father could not stay together as he wanted to transform his children into humans.

Patali acts shocked as Yamini tells her that Aswath is dead already and cries the tears of a crocodile to convince Ranav that she is upset about her son's death.

Shekhar and Dadi enter that room and get shocked as Yamini introduces Patali as her mother.

Patali says that she has come for her grandson while Dadi announces that Patali should come home with them after the marriage function.

Bela watches Dadi comfort Ranav about losing Aswath and assure him that Aswath is watching him from above.

Ranav fills Bela's hairline 

As Ranav is in deep thought about Patali's return, Bela comes there and asks Ranav if he is doing fine to which Ranav replies that she should not act like his real wife.

Suddenly, a tree branch is about to fall on Bela and Ranav saves her by holding onto the branch which makes his blood fall on Bela's hairline as sindoor.

Meanwhile, Prarthna comes to stop the marriage after saving both Purvika and Meher and stops time so that Swarna and Ajay can take people out of there.

After Mehek comes back to her senses, she spots Prarthna and asks her to leave but Prarthna and Raghu join together and decide to protect Naag Lok.

On the other hand, Ranav hears Yamini telling Shekhar that she is going to help Mehek in attacking Naaglok and Bela also hears Ranav's thoughts.

The big fight to save Naaglok

Later, Mehek, Patali, and her team attack the Naag lok while the Naagins guard their world and start fighting with them.

Ranav proceeds toward Naaglok to protect it but gets stopped by a naagin who says that they do not want him to help the Naaglok and starts attacking him.

Raghu faces Yamini and Mrighnayna while Prarthna fights with Patali and Mehek but gets trapped in a net of sarpgandha.

Pari maa comes down from the heavens to confront Mehek and Patali but gets injured while fighting with them.

Bela comes and gets shocked to see her mother lying unconscious and fights with Trisha as she stops Bela from saving Prarthna.

Mehek joins Trisha as Bela injures Trisha with her powers and attacks Bela which makes her fall.

Prarthna frees herself from the trap and tries to fight Mehek but both she and Bela fail in front of Mehek's powers.

Bela almost loses her life

Bela asks Prarthna to drink her blood so that she gets the powers to fight the enemies which injects Prarthna's poison into Bela's body.

Prarthna succeeds in defeating Mehek and Patali with Bela's powers and returns to Bela while she is dying slowly.

Ranav feels his heart beating fast suddenly and he remembers Bela which makes him defeat the naagin in an instant.

At the brink of death, Bela confesses that she fell in love with a Rakshas that ruined everything in her life.

Prarthna says that God must have planned something as he made Bela fall in love with a Rakshas and saves Bela with the help of Pari maa's feather.

Ranav reaches Naaglok after the entire fight is over and gets informed that Sesh Naagin defeated the enemies with the help of Paris.

However, Ranav still feels restless about something not being right and decides to go back to his family to look for himself.

End of Today's Bekaboo 13th May Episode.

Bekaboo 13th May 2023 Episode Update, Promo

As described in the future story of Bekaboo, Bela will join hands with Prarthna from Naagin 6 to fight and punish the enemies.

When Ranav discovers how Aswath was murdered by someone unknown to him whom Aswath trusted, he becomes enraged.

For the time being, Bela decides not to reveal her true identity to Ranav in front of him, choosing to act oblivious.

Bela revives Ranav from underground after Yamini traps him after which Ranav rushes to Yamini to take revenge on her for what she did.

Mehek and her partners are planning to attack Naaglok with the help of the Rakshas clan which Bela and Prarthna need to stop.

Patali comes in between Ranav and Yamini's fight and asks them not to fight among each other as they are both Rakshas and should stay united.

On the other hand, Bela summons her mother and the Queen Pari of the heavens who comes to earth to help them fight the villains together and save the world from getting destroyed.

With the rakshas trying to destroy everything, which side will Ranav take, Bela's side or his own clan's side? 

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