Bekaboo 14th May 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 14th May 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 14th May 2023 Written Update: Bekaaboo written update

Bekaboo 14th May 2023 Written Update

Today's Bekaboo episode starts with Ranav searching for Bela and his family members after reaching the resort where the wedding was held.

Ranav takes care of Bela

Ranav asks a waiter about his family who informs him that they have left for their home but Bela is still in her room upstairs.

Looking for Bela, Ranav comes to their bedroom and spots Bela lying on the bed and asks her to get ready to go back to their home.

However, Ranav gets surprised after touching Bela's hand as he realizes she has a high fever.

Ranav proceeds to call the doctor but Bela stops him and says that she is scared of doctors and medicines which convinces Ranav not to call anyone.

However, seeing Bela shiver in cold even after covering her with blankets, Ranav decides to use his body warmth and powers to cure Bela.

Ranav takes off his shirt and lies down beside Bela while Bela curls into Ranav's arms, resting her head on his chest.

Holding Bela gently, Ranav activates his powers which makes Bela feel warm and she slowly drifts into sleep.

Meanwhile, Patali goes berserk as her plan to acquire the Naag Lok failed miserably and they got defeated by Sesh Naagin and the Paris.

Yamini comes and says that she knew that Patali had come back with some hidden desires and not for her family.

As Yamini starts taunting Patali by singing the "Hum Saath Saath Hain" song, Patali says that she has come for Ranav as he is the only true Rakshas left in their family.

Yamini boasts about finding a Pari which is Mallika but Patali hesitates to believe Yamini's words as she does not think that Mallika is anywhere near a Pari.

Ranav decides to prank Bela

The next day, Bela gets shocked to see herself sleeping in Ranav's arms and thinks that they became intimate the previous night.

Ranav calls Bela "baby" and says that he spent a hot and steamy night with her which makes Bela upset.

Bela spots marks over Ranav's body and smudges of lips which makes her believe that they consumed their marriage and she starts crying.

Ranav asks Bela why she is crying as she only wanted to get his love and attention all by herself to which Bela says that she did not want to get things in such a way.

Seeing Bela cry, Ranav gives up on joking and tells Bela that nothing happened between them and everything is a lie, just like her love for him.

Ranav says that Bela was very sick the previous night and asks her to get ready as they need to leave soon.

Patali starts her experiments on Dadi

Later, Ranav and Bela arrive home and get welcomed by Bela's mother and Dadi who does an arti.

Bela asks one of the butlers about his daughter's admission and Ranav generously gives away money to him which spoils Patali's mood as she does not want Ranav to turn good.

Patali decides that she will use Dadi as the bait to check if Mallika is truly a Pari or not as a Pari can never leave a person in danger and has a duty to save them.

Yamini and Patali electrocute the water on the floor at night and wait for Dadi to come there so that she falls and gets a shock and Mallika reveals her Pari form to save her.

However, Adi comes there in the dark and falls after slipping on the water which makes him shiver in shock, leaving Dadi stunned.

Dadi turns off the switches and goes out to get the doctor along with Mallika while Yamini and Patali blame Adi for ruining their plan.

Bela almost dies while saving Dadi

The next morning, Patali again plans to experiment and tells Dadi that she wants to make Kheer for Ranav after which Dadi shows her where everything is placed.

Patali spots Mallika and asks her to come and help her in the kitchen after which Patali leaves the gas knob open and comes out of there.

As Dadi tries to light up the gas, it blasts away with an explosion, and the whole kitchen burns in hot flames leaving Mallika and Dadi screaming for help.

Bela comes there and saves both Mallika and Dadi but gets trapped inside the kitchen herself after which Ranav uses his powers discreetly to save her.

However, Bela faints on the floor and Ranav carries her out of the kitchen, trying to wake her up.

After sprinkling water on Bela's face, she comes to her senses and Dadi asks Ranav to take her upstairs after thanking Bela for saving her.

Patali gets agitated as her plan failed because of Bela but does not give up on finding the truth about Mallika being a Pari.

Ranav brings Bela to their room and asks her not to take these things lightly as she could have lost her life while trying to save others.

Bela says that she would save everyone when they need help, even if it is Ranav who is in danger,

Ranav gets irritated as Bela continues to flirt with him and says that he is slowly falling in love with her and he has changed after Bela came into his life.

As Ranav walks away from Bela, Bela calls him a rotten pumpkin which makes Ranav smile by himself.

Bela notices Ranav smiling and comes to him while watching their reflection together in the mirror and laughs at Ranav which makes him feel warm inside his heart.

End of Today's Bekaboo 14th May 2023 Episode.

Bekaboo 14th May 2023 Episode Update, Promo

Bela, in the future story of Bekaboo, will team up with Prarthna from Naagin 6 to fight and punish the enemies.

Upon discovering that Aswath had been murdered by someone unknown to him, someone whom Aswath had trusted, Ranav becomes enraged and his fury escalates.

For the time being, Bela makes the decision not to reveal her true identity to Ranav in front of him and chooses to seem oblivious to his true identity.

Ranav was revived by Bela from underground after Yamini trapped him and he rushes to Yamini in an effort to avenge her for all the evil that she has done to him.

Mehek and her partners are planning to attack Naaglok with the help of the Rakshas clan which Bela and Prarthna need to stop.

Patali intervenes in the fight between Ranav and Yamini and tells them to not fight with each other rather to stay united as they are both Rakshas and should stay united while fighting.

To stop the world from being destroyed, Bela summons her mother and Queen Pari of the heavens to come to earth so that they can help her fight off the villains together.

How will Ranav choose between Bela and his own clan when the rakshas try to destroy everything? 

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