Bekaboo 18th March 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Bekaboo 18th March 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Bekaboo 18th March 2023 Written Update: Bekaaboo written update

Bekaboo 18th March 2023 Written Update

Today's Bekaboo 18th March 2023 episode starts with a flashback to 1994 Uttar Pradesh where a group of friends is going camping in the dark night.

The jeep gets stopped by an old frail-looking man who warns the group of friends that the region is dangerous and that they should not go ahead.

However, the friends' group makes fun of him and drove away from there.

The Devil's world

The group sets their tents and starts a bonfire and one couple starts dancing to a low tune of music.

As the couple dances, the girl's eyes catch one good-looking guy, sitting at a good distance from them with a guitar in his hand, playing soft tunes.

As the girl goes closer to the guy, her boyfriend gets jealous and starts insulting the guy. 

Meanwhile, the guy remains unfazed and gets attacked by one of the male friends of the couple.

Before the hit could come, the guy shows up in his defense. 

However, the shock comes when the guy reveals his real identity as the devil's teeth show up.

The group of friends gets terrified seeing the devil who is running behind them for their lives.

As they run for their lives, the devil catches up to them and suck the lives out of their body.

The next day, the bodies of the friends are found by the police while the same old man stands there as a bystander with sympathetic eyes, and one of his fellow men starts questioning the devils.

Saga of the cursed love

The old man recites the saga of the Rakshas (devils) who got cursed centuries ago to live in "Jahannum" and could not escape it while some of the Rakshas got lucky and were left on Earth.

Rakshas cannot go out of Jahannum to any of the other 7 Loks that exist in this universe whereas the Paris' of the Parilok have that power.

To get the Rakshas community relieved of the curse, the Rakshas named Balka started meditating to impress Lord Shiva to get the Vardaan of Adi Astra which will make him the most powerful in the entire universe.

Balka was the only Rakshas who had a bone of goodness in him while the other Rakshas enjoyed exercising their evil powers and superiority over humans.

He knew the difference between good and bad & right and wrong and had been meditating for years now to get the Astra.

Balka had three sons and a daughter. While one of his sons enjoyed the evil powers of being a Rakshas, the other one (Ashwath) wanted to be just like their father.

However, the third one was the mix of both- bad and good and also the most powerful among the three. His name was Pratham.

Pratham and Ashwath shared a very strong brotherly bond which irked their step-sister who also enjoyed the evil powers of Rakshas just like their other brother.

She did not want their father to complete his meditation which will award him the Astra he had been looking for.

Meanwhile, Astra was not only Rakshas's concern but also their enemies - Paris' concern too.

The message reaches the queen of Parilok that Balka is close to completing his meditation and the consequences of which threaten the security of not only the Parilok but the other Loks of the universe too.

Somehow they had to distract Balka from his meditation which could only be done by an angel who had the power to entrance anybody with her sheer beauty and could make anybody fall on their knees for her.

The fallen angel on Earth

Ranipari announces to call her daughter, to be Ranipari of Parilok - Rajpari Devlekha.

As Devlekha makes her presence known after being called by her mother, Ranipari narrates to her about the hovering danger over the universe and she has to save everybody from this doom.

Devlekha agrees to the wishes cum order of her mother and leaves for Prithvilok (Earth). She was aware of what her beauty could do to others and how to use it to her benefit.

Ashwath gets spellbound by the immense beauty of Devlekha and falls for her as she makes her first appearance in the lives of the two brothers. 

The Rakshas sister senses in the moment that Ashwath has fallen for the stranger girl and announces that to Pratham while indicating to the lit fire as the fact because when Rakshas fall in love, they can ignite the fire with the intensity of it.

Devlekha's plan runs smoothly as Ashwath gets smitten with her and also proposes to her one day, however, Devlekha could feel the tables turning as she could sense the rise of feelings in her heart for Pratham.

More and more the feelings made room in her heart, the more anxious she got about the situation.

Meanwhile, the sister Rakshas gets the information about Devlekha being an angel in disguise of a human and she informs Pratham about it.

The evil sister doesn't stop there and goes to Ashwath to fill his ears against Pratham by telling him that Pratham loves Devlekha and has gone to propose to her.

Ashwath, not believing her, goes in search of both to find the truth himself.

On the other hand, Pratham goes to confront Devlekha about her motives for interfering in his brother's life and playing with his feelings.

The Monster fight

Pratham roughly grabs Devlekha's wrists in his hands as he ruthlessly bashes her with his cold words.

He tells her that when the monsters are betrayed, they lose their control, and temper and become Bekabu.

Devlekha forces Pratham away from her, however, he doesn't let her go easily as they stand on the bank of the river, with Pratham's reflection could be seen in the water while Devlekha's could not as she is an angel.

As Pratham hurts Devlekha in his hold, tears brim at the corners of her eyes, and she pushes him away with all her might.

At the same time, Ashwath arrives at the location with hurt clearly visible in his eyes.

Ashwath goes near Devlekha and asks her what just happened to her even though he had seen his brother forcing himself on her, he wanted her to say it.

Despite the guilt that had been eating her up inside, Devlekha chooses her duty over the right and tells Ashwath that Pratham tries forcing her.

The words were enough to enrage Ashwath as he lounges on Pratham in fury while Pratham tells him that Devlekha was lying and she was an angel.

However, Ashwath denies believing Pratham and both the brothers break into a deadly fight as they throw punches at each other's faces and thrashed each other around.

Both brothers reach the place where Balka is meditating and the motive of Devlekha gets achieved when the fight between the brothers distracts Balka, waking him up from his meditating pose.

Pratham and Ashwath stop at the roar of their father which was no less than a thunderstorm.

Devlekha also shows her real identity to the three of them before disappearing into thin air.

Balka tells his children how ashamed and disappointed he is with both of them especially Pratham who is his pride and everything and the fallen angel was able to break the strong bond between the two of them.

Angel gets tainted

On the other hand, Devlekha is welcomed in the Parilok upon her victory and her marriage is arranged with the prince.

During the ritual of exchange of garlands between the bride and groom, bride Devlekha gets lost in the thoughts of Pratham and sees his face in her groom's face.

Shaking the thoughts off, she marries the prince and after that, they both retire to their room for their wedding night.

As the prince approaches Devlekha in bed, she tells him about her trip to the Prithvilok where she fell for someone.

The prince tells her that she had gone to fulfill her duty and now as his wife, she has certain duties to fulfill as this night won't return ever again.

Devlekha nods her head after a minute and surrenders herself to the man she has married even though she keeps seeing Pratham's face in him now and then.

The next day, Devlekha wakes up in her bed lying next to the man she thought was her husband, however, her eyes get widened as she sees Pratham lying there.

Seeing the shock written all over her face, Pratham draws pleasure from it while Devlekha breaks into tears as the realization dawns upon her that she spent the night with Pratham, not her husband.

The bitter end of the cursed love

Pratham confirms all the doubts, if any remaining, upon opening his mouth to mock Devlekha. He tells her that it was not a dream but a reality.

He mocks her saying that she really thought that she would get away easily after breaking the heart of his little brother.

As the cruel words of mockery reach Devlekha's ears, tears flow down unstoppably and she curses Pratham for deceiving her and sleeping with her.

She curses him that he will die in her hands today for hurting her self-esteem and tainting her.

With her angelic powers, she produces a knife in her hands using which she stabs him in his stomach.

Devlekha stabs twice before announcing her curse to him that she knows he won't die just like that and hence she will bury him on Earth.

She tells him that wherever his blood will fall he will get buried there and his soul will keep wandering directionless and in agony until he gets a body to free his soul.

Afterward, she throws his body from the Parilok which falls on the Earth and gets buried there.

The old man completes his tale with the last words that the love of Devlekha and Pratham was cursed. Only love had the power to unite Devils and angels, however, it turned into hatred.

End of today's 18th March 2023 Bekaboo written update.

Bekaboo 18th March 2023 Episode Update, Promo

In the upcoming story of Bekaboo, a new tale of Angels Versus Devils will begin, giving a new exciting tale for the viewers to enjoy.

The latest promo launched for Beqaboo shows Shalin Bhanot who will be playing Ranav, running towards Eisha Singh who will be playing the character of Bela.

Both are unaware of the powers they possess as Bela belongs to the world of Angels while Ranav belongs to the world of devils.

In a trending promo of Bekaboo (18-03-2023) Zain Imam playing the role of 'Rakshas' is seen threatening the Raj Pari, played by Shivangi Joshi. 

Raj Pari will have to do a compromise to save her Angel world while Rakshah is seen threatening her, yelling that once they get too close to the angels, they lose all control and become "Bekaboo".

How will Ranav and Bela collide in a love mix when both of them belong to different worlds?

Let us watch the future episodes of Bekaboo to know what this Beauty & The Beast remake has to tell the viewers.

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