Bekaboo 19th March 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 19th March 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 19th March 2023 Written Update: Bekaaboo written update

Bekaboo 19th March 2023 Written Update

Bela takes birth as reincarnated Devlekha

Today's Bekaboo 19th March 2023 episode starts with Devlekha staring at the knife with horror and stabbing herself with it committing suicide.

Rajpari comes running to Devlekha and asks her why she decided to kill herself as Pari's life is a boon and she has to reincarnate again on Earth to get God's favor.

Back to the present, the old man stares at the statue of the Rakshas and says that he is buried there on Earth and this paused story will restart again once Devlekha reincarnates on Earth as a human.

A woman is seen giving birth to a girl child who does not move after birth and the nursing woman declares the baby girl dead making the mother scream in sorrow. 

The father appears there and says that it is better that the child is dead and asks the mother to go to their master with the dead baby to get some money.

As the man threatens to throw the baby girl into the river, the moonlight shines over the baby and she starts crying with the mother declaring that the baby's name will be Bela.

Bela grows up to be a college student 

Bela is seen as a girl in school who can read others' thoughts and helps her friend Geeta to flaunt her lunchbox saying that is hers. 

She also helps her mother in getting money from her father after she discovers that he is hiding them at a secret place.

After many years, Bela is seen to be helping their master's daughter, Malika by assisting her and stopping the ballet rehearsals.

The girls order Bela to dance to an Indian song with which she impresses everyone.

The next day, Bela dreams about that age-old legend and tells her mother that she has written a piece about the love story between Pari and Rakshas.

Mallika meets his boyfriend Adi who is the son of Yamini, the evil sister of Aswath and Pratham. He tells her to win the competition so that she can win Yamini's favor.

Further, Mallika discovers Bela's poem and snatches it away from her after promising that her father will pay her fees.

The entry of Yamini

Later, Yamini's car gets stopped due to a tempo parked in the middle of the street which turns out to be Ranav's deed as he was protecting the cats under it.

Yamini comes out of her car and acts loving and caring toward Ranav praising him for his generosity just like his father.

Bela meets Ranav and hears his thoughts about him liking Mallika but she does not like him a bit.

After the competition starts, Mallika recites Bela's poem retelling the love story of Devlekha, Aswath, and Pratham which shocks Yamini.

Mallika becomes the winner and Yamini asks Adi to invite her to the party as she is curious to know her.

Adi, Udit, and Naksh, the three sons of Yamini beat Ranav later at the gym because he dared to stop their mother's car.

The sons of Yamini try to kill a girl

The brothers spot Bela's friend taking the route of the jungle and chase her to quench their thirst.

However, the girl escapes from their hands and rushes to the police after which she makes a video telling everyone what she saw earlier. 

Yamini warns her sons about not hurting Ranav more than needed as he owns the property from Ashwath and gets furious as she watches the video of that girl talking about three monsters she saw in the jungle.

Choking Adi mercilessly, Yamini tells them never to leave any human alive after they have seen their true forms as they will get caught by the Devata who will drag them back to Jahannum. 

Yamini's husband appears and asks her to calm down while she complains about her son being weak due to his human blood.

As Yamini's husband talks about Aswath, Yamini shushes him and says that no one talks about whatever happened to Aswath.

Yamini's husband reminds her that Ranav will soon show his Rakshas qualities which would make them fall into a dirty position to which Yamini agrees and says they would be doomed.

Yamini feels anxious as Ranav has the potential to get the Ashi Astra from God which was supposed to be received by Bailak.

Meanwhile, Ranav sits by his father's (Aswath's) statue and tells him how everyone acts rudely toward him because he has no father with him.

Suddenly, Ranav feels that someone is present with him but finds no one anywhere while Bela gets sad thinking about her mother getting disappointed after she discovers that Bela did not win the competition.

Bela wonders why she is so attracted to the world of Pari and Rakshas and gets flashbacks of the past featuring Devlekha and Pratham.

End of Today's 19th March 2023 Bekaboo Episode.

Bekaboo 19th March 2023 Episode Update, Promo

In the upcoming story of the serial Bekaboo, a new saga will be written in the history of the universe where the angel and the monster will fall for each other, conquering all the battles that stop them from being together.

Years after Ranipari Devlekha cursed the Rakshas Pratham, the Rakshas community is planning to attack the humans on Earth to fulfill their evil motives.

However, whenever the Rakshas gear to do something dangerous, the angels get alerted and come to the rescue of humans from their enemies.

Ranav and Bela are the heroes of their community in this new saga where Ranav will free the lurking soul of Pratham from its curse and dwell in the fire of hatred while Bela will be the ice that will hit the fire in its core.

It will seem like the ice is melting, however, with its melting, it is slowly taking down the fire of hatred.

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