Bekaboo 1st April 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 1st April 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 1st April 2023 Written Update

Ranav loses control 

Today's Bekaboo 1st April 2023 episode starts with Bela and Vijay's engagement ceremony going on with Yamini's family present there.

Ranav bumps into Mallika and cracks sarcastic jokes to keep her engaged so that Adi watches them together and gets angry.

However, Yamini stops Adi from going after Ranav as she does not want to cause any scene.

As Vijay comes forward with the ring and touches Bela's hand, she hears the inner voice of Vijay which says that Bela is like a stepping stone for his career.

Bela intrusively asks Vijay what he means by that statement which makes Vijay shiver in shock and throw away the ring in a hurry.

Bela gets hurt by the ring and the ring lands at the foot of Ranav who picks up the ring but starts breathing faster as he watches blood on it.

Ranav starts losing control of his human characteristics and his Rakshas eyes come out which makes Yamini curious about him.

However, the electricity goes out at that exact moment and Ranav gets struck by a naked wire.

Yamini notices Ranav getting electrified but he does not show any effects which leave Yamini in a confused state.

Ranav shows interest in Mallika

Ranav leaves the engagement spot and roams around ferociously, only to end up at the outhouse, in Bela's room, where he finds the paintings of Bela depicting Rakshas and Paris. 

Mallika comes after Ranav and enters Bela's room to find Ranav looking at the paintings.

Ranav asks Mallika if she is the one who painted those pictures to which Mallika replies with a yes and asks Ranav if he likes them.

Ranav talks about Rakshas and comes closer to Mallika casually flirting with her.

Understanding why Yamini is so interested in Mallika, Ranav realizes that Mallika might know something big about the secret of Rakshas.

Later, Ranav overhears Yamini and her husband conversing about Aswath and how only they and the MLA, Mallika's father, know about the secret behind his death.

MLA and Yamini plan a heist

The next day, the MLA tells Mallika and Bela that they are invited to attend a diamond exhibition that belongs to the queen of this country who wants to hand it over to the government.

Mallika and Bela get shocked to see Ranav lying on the sofa in the living room while Ranav presents the excuse that he lost his phone the previous night somewhere in that house.

Ranav tries to flirt with Mallika by complimenting her while Mallika asks him to come to the exhibition event.

Ranav agrees to come to the event while Bela asks Ranav to look for his phone in the garden side instead of clinging to Mallika. 

Bela's constant interference frustrates Ranav and he asks Bela to stay out of his business as he is not interested in her affairs at all.

In the garden, Bela comes after Ranav and almost falls to the ground but Ranav saves her by holding onto her in his arms.

Ranav spots the MLA with Yamini and comes after them to hear what they are talking about.

Yamini and the MLA talk about the diamond exhibition and how they have planned to steal the diamond and sell it in the international market for billions.

Ranav smirks evilly and decides to carry out his plan to do whatever is necessary to spoil their mission.

The diamond gets stolen

Later, the MLA, Yamini's family, and the queen meet at the exhibition and greet each other for such a grand exhibition.

Mallika complains to Bela that her black dress is a bit loose and asks Bela to bring the green dress from the car as she needs to look good for "him".

While Bela goes downstairs after spotting Vijay, Ranav comes to meet Mallika and helps her with her dress by pulling up the zip at the back.

Bela asks Vijay to say how she is looking to which Vijay shows absolutely shows no interest as he is busy with the arrangements.

Seeing Ranav close to Mallika, Bela comes to Mallika and takes her away from Ranav as she thinks Ranav is not a normal person.

After the diamond gets exposed, Adi, Udit, and Naksh change into their Rakshas forms and kill the guards to steal the diamond in the darkness as the electricity goes out for some time.

Everyone gets shocked to see the diamond gone while Ranav latches to Mallika, hugging her tight making Bela furious.

Bela finds an animal hair on Mallika similar to the one she found in her room and suspects that something is wrong.

Later, Yamini's sons bring her the diamond which the MLA sells to a foreign client and gets money from him.

However, things take a turn as the MLA calls Yamini and informs her that the diamond is fake and their deal is in danger.

Meanwhile, some masked goons attack the queen's car where Ranav was also present and he beats the goons to keep them away.

End of today's Bekaboo 1st April 2023 written update.

Bekaboo 1st April 2023 Episode Update, Promo

In the upcoming story of the serial Bekaboo, Pratham, and Bela will encounter each other numerous times while Bela tries to investigate the missing case of her friend, Anwita.

Bela gets a hold of Anwita's phone and finds footage in it that shows her running away from the Rakshas in the middle of the jungle.

However, after looking at it numerous times, Bela catches another person running after Anwita who turns out to be Ranav.

Bela will confront Ranav and tell him that he is the one who has made Anwita vanish into thin air suddenly overnight.

Ranav denies the allegations of Bela but Bela remains persistent and calls Ranav a Rakshas which turns on the switch for Pratham to take over Ranav.

Let us see how Bela will react after seeing Ranav's Rakshas get up in the future story of Bekaboo.

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