Bekaboo 20th May 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 20th May 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 20th May 2023 Written Update: Bekaaboo written update

Bekaboo 20th May 2023 Written Update

Bela gets playful with Ranav 

Today's 20th May 2023 Bekaboo episode starts with Bela calling Ranav "rotten pumpkin" which brings a smile to Ranav's face.

Bela starts teasing Ranav about his cute dimples appearing while Ranav gets irritated by Bela's continuous taunts.

However, Bela starts copying Ranav's movements and Ranav decides to leave after asking Bela to hydrate herself.

Bela answers Ranav by calling him "Papa" which makes Ranav blush furiously and Bela smiles wholeheartedly.

After Ranav leaves the room, Bela realizes that she is smiling genuinely and asks herself why she is getting so happy.

Later, Bela hears Shekhar talking with Adi about how Patali and Yamini are experimenting to find out if Mallika is a Pari.

Patali and Yamini experiment on Mallika

Patali and Yamini take Mallika into the jungle and tell her that they want to play a game with her which makes Mallika burst into anger.

Mallika stares at Yamini and Patali nervously as they make her walk toward the edge of the cliff and ask her about things that can fly.

As Patali asks Mallika if she is a Pari, Mallika replies with a yes and says that she is her Papa's Pari which leaves Yamini and Patali furious.

Patali pushes Mallika off the cliff and asks her to fly like a Pari while Mallika falls down, screaming for her life.

Bela comes to the jungle to search for Mallika and rushes toward the direction from where she hears Mallika's screams.

Mallika gets stuck hanging on a branch and somehow manages to save herself but injures her leg while trying to climb down the hill.

Yamini and Patali detect Mallika walking downhill and think that she might have used her powers to save herself.

To take the ultimate test, Yamini releases wolves after Mallika while Bela rushes to save Mallika.

Bela saves Mallika from wolves

Mallika runs away from the wolves to save herself and falls down on the ground when Bela comes there and stops the wolves from attacking Mallika.

Mallika gets shocked at witnessing Bela's powers and tells her that because of Bela, Patali and Yamini want to kill her.

Ranav also comes to the jungle after hearing Adi and Udit talking about Yamini receiving powers from Mallika if she is a Pari.

Yamini decides to confront Mallika herself after she and Patali spot the wolves running away from there.

Ranav comes there to stop Yamini while Patali decides to hide behind a tree and see the fight from a distance.

Yamini and Ranav fight with each other as Ranav tries to stop her from going to attack Mallika as she is not a Pari.

As Ranav and Yamini come near Mallika and Bela, Bela hides behind a tree and spots Yamini trying to hurt Mallika.

However, Ranav faces the fatal blow over himself as he shields Mallika and kneels down in pain which makes Bela restless and worried.

Ranav proves that Mallika is not a Pari as she could not guard the attack herself and erases Mallika's memories.

Patali gets confirmed that it is Pratham inside Ranav's body as only he had the power to erase memories and starts rejoicing to see her son in action.

After Mallika gets crossed out from being a Pari, Patali and Yamini suspect Bela of being a Pari and decide to check it out.

Bela becomes Patali and Yamini's next target

Later, Bela receives flowers with a note from Ranav who asks her to come and meet him at the eco point in the jungle.

Although a bit suspicious, Bela decides to go to meet Ranav and spots no one present at the destined spot.

Bela enters a cave where Yamini and Patali were already waiting for her so that they can unleash a best named "Sansasoor" which would attack Bela and kill her.

If Bela is a Pari, then she would show her true powers to save herself but Bela acts like a normal person and tries to run away from the monster.

As the monster is about to attack Bela, Ranav comes there and punches it away from Bela to save her.

A flashback shows how Bela called Ranav and discovered that he was not the person who called her there as he told Bela not to enter the cave located there.

Ranav asks Bela why she did not listen to his command to which Bela answers that she did not expect to confront such a monster out of nowhere.

After defeating the monster, Ranav erases Bela's memories with his powers which do not work in reality as Bela is a Pari.

Yamini tells Patali that Bela is not a Pari and asks her to return home as their experiment is over.

Ranav is starting to fall in love

Later, Ranav comes to Yamini's room and attacks her for trying to harm Bela to which Yamini questions Ranav if he has fallen in love with Bela.

Ranav recalls all his sweet moments with Bela and starts feeling something blossoming in his heart making it restless and flutter endlessly.

At night, Bela and Ranav steal glances at each other while they criticize the other inside their minds.

Ranav says that Bela will happily sleep on the bed while he has to sleep on the couch which is not fair as he does not get to enjoy comfort.

Bela tells Ranav to sleep on the bed if he wants but Ranav refuses and asks Bela to sleep on the bed comfortably.

As Bela taunts Ranav about him getting seduced by Bela's looks, Ranav pulls Bela toward him and they freeze with their faces inches apart.

Bela spots her hair intertwined into Ranav's locket and releases the knot while she and Ranav stare intently at each other.

After Bela and Ranav go to sleep, Ranav hears someone calling his name in the middle of the night and goes outside to check the identity of the person.

Ranav comes into that same cave and asks the person to reveal themselves as he knows someone is planning something against him.

End of today's 20th May 2023 Bekaboo Episode.

Bekaboo 20th May 2023 Episode Update, Promo

In the upcoming story of Bekaboo, Yamini, and Patali will continue to test if Mallika is a Pari and set a trap to reveal her true powers.

According to the latest twists of Bekaboo, Patali plans to take Mallika to the jungle with which Yamini helps her mother by convincing Mallika to come.

Mallika thinks the matter is very interesting and follows Yamini and Patali to the jungle where Patali brings Mallika to the edge of a cliff.

Patali asks Mallika to reveal her true form and pushes her off the cliff which should activate Mallika's powers.

However, Mallika falls harshly into the jungle from the cliff where wolves appear and start rushing toward her.

Mallika freezes in her spot because of fear and screams for help when Bela comes there and proceeds to save Mallika.

Bela reveals her powers to save Mallika which leaves Yamini and Patali shocked as they discover that Bela is the true Pari among them.

Let us see what happens after Bela's true powers come to light in the future episodes of Bekaboo serial.

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