Bekaboo 21st May 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 21st May 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 21st May 2023 Written Update: Bekaaboo written update

Bekaboo 21st May 2023 Written Update

Today's 21st May 2023 Bekaboo episode starts with Ranav in the cave, confronting Patali.

Ranav exposes his identity

Patali claims Ranav is Pratham and that she realized he was her son the first time she met him

Patali cites Pratham's ability to erase people's memories and tells him that his father was the one who separated him from her.

She adds that he was buried underground by the Pari and conveys her sentiments that this separation destroyed her.

Patali queries why Pratham kept his identity hidden for so long and beats his chest, reminding him that Ashwat is dead and he is all alone.

She commands Pratham to exit Ranav's body and reveal his true identity, and Ranav, in pain reveals himself to be Pratham.

He gets down on his knees and starts crying as he tells Patali how everyone fled before he arrived and how he wanted to find Ashwat's murderer.

Patali also confirms that when she went to the palace, she discovered Ashwat dead but discovered Pari's bracelet.

Ranav became enraged upon hearing this, and the cave began to crumble as he is bursting into anger.

Meanwhile, Bela awakens but realizing Ranav is nowhere to be found, she becomes concerned that something might have gone wrong.

Patali, on the other hand, urges that Ranav discover the Pari who murdered Ranav and avoid being too connected with Bela.

She proposes Ranav discover the other bangle set, and whoever has it is Ashwat's murderer.

Naira Joins Ranav's Family 

The next day, Ranav and Patali arrive home and Bela notices Ranav and wonders where he has been all night.

Ranav apologizes to Bela, but Bela mocks him for not even bothering to inform her.

Ranav holds Bela, but she continues to create an angry face, while Patali becomes enraged at witnessing all this.

Patali later questions Yamini about Ranav and Bela's relationship, which raises her suspicions even further.

Yamini affirms that if Bela is not a Pari, there will be no problem if they both become close and fall in love, but Patali who is furious assures that she will not allow Raghav to get near Bela.

However, Shekhar steps in, and upon seeing him Patali and Yamini begin berating him for no apparent reason.

Naira, on the other hand, is doing housework when her father arrives and inquires about her relationship with Ranav.

She dodges the question and orders him to go collect some flowers from the garden and when he does so, two goons assault him and he flees for his life.

However, he is kidnapped and murdered, and shortly after the investigation is begun, Ranav and his entire family arrive.

Patali offers that Naira stay with them until the investigation is over, which she opposes, but Bela, who is holding Naira explains to her that she is like a member of their family and that they want her to be with them.

Naira accepts and accompanies them to their house, where upon seeing the interior she recalls her childhood memories.

Udit is thrilled to meet Naira and wants to showcase to her her room but as Shekar follows Naira to her room, he checks out her from head to toe.

Yamini, sensing Udit's motives, warns him not to think about her.

Patali to use Naira

Yamini decorates Ranav's bedroom with rose petals in the shape of a heart, and Ranav enters his room and is taken aback by all of the preparations.

Yamini grins and encourages Ranav to take the next step in his relationship with Bela, but Ranav sends Yamini out of his room and orders her not to speak nonsense.

However, when Bela arrives and notices the beautifully arranged bed, she approaches Ranav on the bed and attempts to kiss him, but Patali intervenes.

She tosses Ranav some work and, as he walks away she mutters to not let Bela get close to Ranav.

The next morning, Bela dances passionately in front of the Nataraj statue, and when Naira sees her she compliments her steps and joins her in her dance moves.

Nira and Bela dance, while Ranav stands in the middle and smiles at them.

Patali and Yami, on the other hand, consider using Naira to split Ranav and Bela and toss the diya, which slides

Naira's legs and she falls on Ranav.

They both gaze upon each other, which irritates Bela and Patali proposes that Ranav take Naira somewhere nice.

Ranav invites Bela to join in, which makes her smile but Patali refuses citing the necessity for her help with some work.

Naira embraces Ranav

When the movie finishes, she embraces Ranav close and recalls their childhood fondness for watching scary movies, and Udit accidentally pours coke on Naira.

Naira goes to the restroom, and Ranav offers that Udit takes Naira on a date, which enrages Patali.

Ranav exits the theater, wiping his shirt as the Pari who murdered Ashwat walks past.

As Ranav returns home, he recalls seeing the identical bangle on a lady in the theater who walks by him and becomes enraged.

End of today's Bekaboo 21st May 2023 written episode.

Bekaboo 21st May 2023 Episode Update, Promo

The upcoming story of Bekaboo will have Yamini and Patali continuing to test Mallika to see if she is a Pari and setting traps in order to reveal her true nature.

Patali plans to take Mallika to the jungle, and Yamini convinces Mallika to come along by helping her mother.

In order to activate Mallika's powers, Patali asks her to reveal her true form and pushes her off the cliff.

In spite of this, Mallika falls harshly into the jungle from the cliff, where wolves begin to rush towards her and attack her.

After freezing in place from fear, Bela comes and saves her.

Yamini and Patali are shocked as Bela appears to be the true Pari among them as she reveals her powers to save Mallika.

Ranav's friend Naira comes to stay with them and plots evil games to gain Ranav for herself as she likes him.

Bela gets accused of stabbing Naira which angers Ranav and he asks Bela how she could do such a thing to Naira.

As Ranav refuses to believe in Bela, Bela says that she did everything because she got jealous of Naira which leaves Ranav shocked.

Let us see what happens after Bela's true powers come to light in the future episodes of Bekaboo serial.

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