Bekaboo 22nd July 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 22nd July 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 22nd July 2023 Written Update: Bekaaboo written update

Bekaboo 22nd July 2023 Written Update

Today's Bekaboo 22nd July 2023 episode starts with Bela holding her baby and crying as she cannot believe that she gave birth to a dead child.

Bela vows revenge on Ranav

The women try to comfort her but Bela stands up and says that she got nothing but destruction in her fate after looking after everyone so now she will change to get what she wants.

Bela vows that she will take revenge on Ranav and his entire family and remove the signs of Rakshas from the earth which will avenge herself and her dead child.

A few months later, Patali comes into Dadi's room and tells her to get ready as they have to leave for the function where Ranav will get the Businessman of the Year award.

Dadi says that she will not go anywhere on that date as 8 months ago, Bela died on the same date to which Patali tells her that Bela is already gone but they need to live their lives.

At the event, the announcer announces the businessman of the Year award for Ranav and he goes to the stage to take the award.

Ranav says that someone once asked him to do good deeds and is about to dedicate the award to his wife when his eyes fall on a shadow of a woman standing who turns out to be Bela.

Bela returns as Sophia Anderson

Bela enters the venue with a lot of assistants and stands in front of Ranav without giving him a glance while the entire Raichand family seems to be in shock.

The announcer says that they have another international businessman named Yatin who comes and hugs Bela who is now a famous model named Sophia Anderson.

Sophia cheers for Yatin as he receives the award and says that he is successful only because of the love of his life who is Sophia.

Ranav gets shocked to discover that Sophia is actually a half-Indian model who is very famous internationally and has come to India for a few days.

Patali tells Ranav that it is Bela only and Sophia is just a mask she is wearing in front of everyone.

Dadi thinks that Sophia is Bela and goes to her calling her Bela but Sophia stops her and says that she has got the wrong person in a foreign accent.

Ranav asks Dadi to leave and stares at Sophia but she does not pay any attention to him and hugs Yatin instead.

Yamini proposes to Sophia that she should model for their campaign which is launching electric bikes in India and Sophia agrees as Yatin asks her not to leave that opportunity.

Yatin says that they need to leave early to reach the hotel which is quite far but Yamini and Patali ask Yatin and Sophia to stay with them in their house instead as they take good care of their guests.

Patali tells Ranav that it will be easier for them to unveil Bela's secret and how she is still alive if they stay close to them to which Ranav agrees.

Sophia and Yatin stay together in Ranav's house

Sophia enters the house and takes about how beautifully it is built while Yatin joins her and wraps his hand around Sophia's waist which makes Ranav glare at them.

Looking for the washroom, Sophia comes upstairs and stares at the room Bela and Ranav used to share, getting reminded about the past memories she spent with Ranav.

However, Bela controls her emotions and stares at a photograph of Ranav's family which reminds her of the betrayal she faced from them.

Bela sneakily gets into Yamini's room and keeps a sachet under Yamini's pillow after which Yamini comes there and Bela leaves while acting like she came into the wrong room because she is drunk.

Bela comes and leaves with Yatin while intertwining her arms with him which Ranav sees and clenches his jaw.

A flashback shows how Yatin and Bela met each other through Daima as she used to take care of Yatin before he left for the city and became a big businessman.

Daima asks Yatin to help Bela with her revenge as her in-laws did very bad to her which made Bela lose everything.

Ranav watches Sophia and Yatin together on the bed

Later, Yatin asks Bela to sleep on the bed while he will sleep on the couch to which Bela says that Yatin got intertwined in her fight unnecessarily.

Yatin says that he is with Bela till the very end and she should say sorry or thank you anymore as they are friends.

Ranav is not ready to accept that it is Sophia and comes to check if Sophia and Yatin are together and watches them sleeping while hugging each other making him angry.

After Ranav leaves, Bela thanks Yatin for posing like that to help her and says that she would never forget his help in this lifetime.

Bela remembers her Pari Lok and how she broke all her strings to that world for Ranav who ultimately betrayed her.

On the other hand, Yamini starts laughing in her sleep surprising Sekhar who tries to calm down her but fails to do so.

Bela watches Yamini from the window and says that this is just the beginning and Yamini will soon laugh to death due to that magical pouch that Bela has kept there.

End of Today's Bekaboo 22nd July 2023 Written Update.

Bekaboo 22nd July 2023 Episode Update, Promo

In the upcoming story of Bekaboo, Bela will change her identity and decide to return as Sofia to take revenge on Ranav.

The current story of Bekaboo revolves around Ranav accusing Bela of murdering Vijay and sending her away to jail and trying to prove that she has an unstable mental state.

Bela manages to escape from the mental facility and gets saved by a tribal group while the doctor tries to kill her.

As per the latest spoiler of Bekaboo, Bela will lose her child as she gives birth to a dead child due to late delivery.

Bela is determined to take revenge on Ranav for what he did to her and returns with a changed personality which leaves Ranav thunderstruck.

Let us see how Ranav reacts to Bela's return in the upcoming episodes of Bekaboo.

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