Bekaboo 25th March 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 25th March 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 25th March 2023 Written Update: Bekaaboo written update

Bekaboo 25th March 2023 Written Update

Bela goes to Raichand's party

Today's Bekaboo 25th March 2023 episode starts with Mallika taking Bela with her to the party of the Raichands so that she can help Mallika with the questions related to the Rakshas and Paris.

Mallika drives her car recklessly and hits an old man walking with a cart full of fruits and even hits the statue of Aswath at the intersection.

Bela falls out of the car and almost gets crushed as Aswath's statue falls over and breaks down completely.

Everyone starts blaming Bela for the accident as Mallika runs away from there with her car without compensating them for any damages.

Bela helps the old man and hears his inner thoughts about hitting a loss of 8000 approx and assures him that she will give compensation to him for his damages.

Mallika asks Bela to come to the party soon as she will face Yamini soon with Adi.

Bela arrives and passes by the painting of Pratham in which his face got damaged with ink and destruction of time.

Bela's dupatta gets stuck in the painting's nail and she gets injured while freeing her dupatta from there.

In the search for the washroom, Bela discovers a door locked with an old lock but Yamini asks her to move away from that room.

Yamini asks Mallika about the Rakshas and Pari but she does not give any definite answers to her.

Bela saves Ranav from falling over as he trips and both of them stare at each other's eyes for a moment.

Spotting Ranav staring and talking to Mallika, Adi takes him aside and starts beating him after which the three brothers make Ranav apologize to Mallika's shoes.

Bela meets Anwita and hears her story about nearly dying after encountering some rakshas which makes Bela shocked as she always thinks and writes about Rakshas.

Yamini gets the information that Anwita has seen the rakshas forms of Adi, Udit, and Naksh and they need to kill her as soon as possible.

Bela agrees to marry a man 

The next day, Anwita talks to Bela on the phone and they promise to go together to college and home while the brothers spy on Anwita to kill her.

Some guests have come to Bela's house which turns out to be the family of a boy willing to marry Bela.

Bela gets shocked when she hears about marriage and asks her father to come and talk to her in private.

In another room, with her mother, Bela tells her dad that she does not want to marry now as she wishes to complete her studies and do a job.

However, Bela's father bursts into anger and says that he will beat up Bela's mother if she does not agree to marry the man he has brought.

Bela and her mother become traumatized as they hear Bela's father say that he will make her marry a Rakshas.

Vijay (the boy's name) refuses to marry Bela as he hears that her father cannot pay a dowry for the marriage and leaves but he tells his parents outside that he refused because he wants Bela to be happy.

Bela hears Vijay and agrees to the marriage as she considers him a good person after hearing his conversation with his parents.

Pratham enters Ranav's body

On the other hand, Ranav spots the brothers following Anwita and decides to check whatever is going on.

Anwita faces an accident as she falls over her scooter and gets terrified to watch those Rakshas eyes staring at her.

However, Ranev comes at the end moment to save her, and Anwita recognizes the Raichand brothers as they turn back to humans.

As Ranav tackles his cousins, he asks Anwita to run away but Naksh follows her and she falls into the cliff by accident.

The brothers get furious about losing the girl and start beating up Ranav violently after which Ranav runs to the intersection and falls beside Aswath's statue.

Owing to the extreme injuries and pain from continuous beating, Ranav dies making Adi, Udit, and Naksh panic and they run home.

However, Ranav's blood gets seeped through the road and touches Pratham buried deep inside which makes Pratham's soul enter Ranav's body.

At that instant, Bela witnesses a fire due to the thunder and tries to save her painting but the Rakshas's drawing gets burnt.

Yamini goes feral hearing that they have killed Ranav and comes to the intersection to check the dead body and beats up her sons for causing such a problem.

After not finding the body, Yamini and the others return home where her husband informs her that Ranav is sleeping soundly in his room.

End of Today's 25th March 2023 Bekaboo Episode.

Bekaboo 25th March 2023 Episode Update, Promo

In the upcoming story of the serial Bekaboo, a new saga will be written in the history of the universe where the angel and the monster will fall for each other, conquering all the battles that stop them from being together.

Ranav will start feeling the powers of a rakshas as he comes in close contact with Bela.

As Bela starts to fill up Ranav's dreams by emerging as a pair, Ranav gets interested in who Bela actually is.

As per the latest spoiler of Bekaboo, Bela, on the other hand, continues to see that dream of Devlekha and Pratham and how Pratham got killed at the hands of Devlekha herself.

Yamini asks her sons to complete their tasks as the girl that escaped from them in the jungle is exposing Rakshas on social media by describing their features.

The three brothers spot that girl returning home at night and vow to finish her off this time.

Let us continue to watch the future episodes of Bekaboo to see how this saga of Rakshas and Angels pan out.

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