Bekaboo 26th March 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 26th March 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 26th March 2023 Written Update: Bekaaboo written update

Bekaboo 26th March 2023 Written Update

Today's Bekaboo 26th March 2023 episode starts with Yamini going to check up on Ranav along with his sons.

Yamini calls Ranav who replies with a throaty groan which surprises Yamini's sons.

Thereafter, Yamini leaves with her sons while Ranav opens his eyes and slowly stands up from the bed.

The veins pop out of Ranav's body highlighting his well-muscled, built, and toned body.

As he looks at his reflection in the mirror, he doesn't recognize himself and feels out of the place.

Meanwhile, Bela finds her friends' phone in the forest and sees the video in which she is chased by the Rakshas.

Bela comforts her friends' father saying that they will soon find her friend.

On the other hand, Ranav changes into a new set of clothes and comes out of his room while Yamini suggests her sons apologize to Ranav and stay away from him, not knowing that Ranav's body is possessed by Pratham now. 

Pratham is also unaware of the fact and when Yamini's sons apologize to him he gets confused and orders Yamini to ask servants to serve him juice.

Yamini gets enraged hearing Ranav call her by her name while her sons go to beat him but get stopped by their father.

Pratham gets his memory back

Ranav goes to look at himself in the mirror where he gets agitated to see an unrecognizable face.

His eyes fall onto Pratham's portrait which has gotten blurred with time and enquires about it.

Yamini tells him that it is the picture of his uncle Pratham while wondering if Ranav has suffered some mental injury.

Ranav gets more annoyed as he wants to tell that he is Pratham but is getting confused by the verdicts of other people.

He runs back to his room and on his way back he stops near the locked room.

Ranav asks a servant about the locked room who tells him that the room has been locked since Pratham and Ashwath went away.

Ranav says that he is Pratham only which makes the servant laugh and he tells Ranav that he is Pratham's nephew and Ashwath's son.

Confused, Ranav goes to his room where he slowly starts recollecting all the events of his death, Devlekha, and the curse.

Overwhelmed by the memories he runs out of the house and reaches Ashwath's tomb which got destroyed last night.

At the same time, Yamini along with his sons and husband and the Mayor along with his daughter Malika arrive there.

Ranav vows to avenge Yamini

Yamini thanks the Mayor of the city for helping to rebuild the statue of Pratham.

Ranav AKA Pratham stares at the statue wide-eyed as Yamini approaches him with extra sweetness in her voice.

Yamini asks Ranav if he is happy now to see the statue back while Ranav asks her about Ashwath's whereabouts.

Yamini's sons get stunned to hear Ranav call his father's name without respect.

Ranav's anger increase as Yamini chides him telling him that it is no good to remember that unfortunate night. 

At the same moment, Ranav understands that Yamini is behind all the deaths of the closed one.

He vows to go to the depths to find out the truth behind Ashwath's death and Ashwath's father's death as he believes Yamini is involved in the deaths of both.

Bela's engagement gets fixed

On the other hand, Bela goes to meet the Mayor to ask him for help to find her lost friend Anwita whom Yamini's sons have killed.

Mayor agrees to help, however, he tells her that the proof that she has brought is not enough to put allegations against the rich and powerful family of Raichands.

Further, Mayor calls a newly transferred police officer in the city and appoints him as the in charge of the case.

Meanwhile, Bela's parents arrive to inform the Mayor about Bela's engagement with her fiance.

The Mayor meets Vijay, Bela's fiance, and announces that the functions will be held at his home as he considers Bela as his daughter.

He asks his daughter Malika to take the charge of Bela's wedding preparations which she happily agrees to.

Pratham gets to know Ranav

On the other hand, Pratham reads the journals written by Ranav in which he describes how he gets demeaned by his brothers and his aunt.

Ranav mentions the abuse he has to go through in his lifetime and how lonely he feels among these people.

Pratham also sees the video clips that Ranav had recorded earlier in which he mentions his one-sided love for Malika who is in love with Yamini's son Adi.

Upon hearing some noises coming from outside, Pratham goes out of the room to look into the matter.

He sees Bela standing in the hall with the police officers talking about her lost friend who was last seen with the Raichand brothers.

Yamini's sons talk among themselves about Ranav going to save Bela's friend which Pratham overhears.

As Pratham goes ahead, Bela recognizes him as Ranav who is seen in the video and she starts accusing him of being involved in the disappearance of her friend.

However, everyone gets surprised when they see Ranav confidently dodging the accusations and manipulating the situation, coming out clean in the situation.

Pratham starts telling Bela about his story of loving a girl who betrayed him and stabbed his heart.

Bela gets irritated and tries to make some distance between her and Ranav but when her hand touches Ranav's hand, sparks fly which shocks both her and Ranav AKA Pratham.

Further, the police go away and Bela goes out too and gets surprised to see her fiance Vijay there.

Bela asks Vijay his reason for being there and he tells that he is associated with Raichands for work purposes.

Yamini notices the interaction between the two after which she talks to Vijay and gets to know she is the daughter of the Mayor's employee.

The Engagement Ceremony

In the evening the engagement ceremony begins, where Vijay tells Bela to stay away from the matter of her friend's disappearance.

Bela argues but Vijay puts pressure on her.

Meanwhile, Pratham is thinking about his feeling for Rajpari Devlekha. He wonders if he also harbored feelings for her but suppressed them knowing that Ashwath loves her.

The flashes of his encounters with Devlakha start flashing before his eyes while Yamini is confused about the confidence that Ranav showed earlier all of a sudden.

Seeing Ranav act just like Pratham drew suspicions in her mind and she starts looking for the reason that pored so much confidence in Ranav.

On the other hand, Vijay's family asks him to talk to Bela about dowry he tells them that Bela is special to the Mayor which will reap him benefits in his career and finances.

He adds that he is wishing to do the engagement only and once his wishes are fulfilled he will break off the marriage.

At the same time, Bela comes there and Vijay lies to her about his conversation with his parents.

Ranav berates Malika

Meanwhile, Ranav comes across Malika and he remembers the clip he saw on Ranav's mobile about his love confession.

Pratham AKA Ranav thinks that to avenge Ranav's death he has to talk to Malika else he would not have spared a second glance at her.

He goes near Malika and seeing him she says that she was expecting Adi not him and also she clarifies that she is aware of his feelings for her but she loves Adi.

Hearing hurtful words, Ranav boldly tells Malika that he pities her for being in love with Adi. He also tells her that he is the owner of the Raichand property, not Adi.

As he berates Malika, Ranav's eyes fall on Bela who is already looking in his direction.

Bela feels weird whenever she finds herself near Ranav and wonders about the reason behind it.

Ranav asks Malika about Bela and Malika tells him that she is the one who is getting engaged today.

End of today's 26th March 2023 Bekaboo written update.

Bekaboo 26th March 2023 Episode Update, Promo

In the upcoming story of the serial Bekaboo, Pratham's soul will arise in Ranav's body after Ranav's blood will touch Pratham deep underground where he was buried.

Yamini and her sons will be shocked to hear that Ranav is alive and is in his room without a scratch on his body.

Ranav lies on his bed and feels his powers as he clenches his hand with repressed anger and the essence of revenge.

As per the latest spoiler of Beqaboo, Pratham gets shocked to find himself in Ranav's body and watches his new face in the mirror.

Pratham realizes that he is in his nephew's body but gets curious about Aswath after watching his photo in front of the mirror.

Later, Pratham asks Yamini where Aswath is to which Yamini replies that Aswath died long ago leaving Pratham shocked.

Ranav tells a man that he is Pratham and is still alive to this date while his brother has died.

Let us continue to watch the future episodes of Bekaboo to see what is the mystery behind Ravan being Pratham.

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