Bekaboo 27th May 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 27th May 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 27th May 2023 Written Update: Bekaaboo written update

Bekaboo 27th May 2023 Written Update

Ranav and Bela come close

Today's 27th May 2023 Bekaboo episode starts with Ranav coming back home and deciding to wash the stain on his shirt for which he enters the washroom.

Bela was trying to adjust her blouse and gets shocked to see Ranav entering the washroom suddenly.

Ranav hits his nose on the washroom door while Bela shuts the door angrily on seeing Ranav entering the washroom which upsets Bela and she tries to check on Ranav.

As Bela comes close to Ranav, Bela realizes that her blouse hook is open and Ranav wraps his hands around Bela's waist to tie her hook slowly and gently.

Ranav and Bela stare at each other intimately and Ranav controls himself from getting enchanted by Bela's beauty.

After Bela comes out of the washroom, she blames Ranav for barging inside the washroom without warning to which Ranav argues that she did not lock the door.

Bela says that she did not know that Ranav would come back home so early as he was busy with his dear friend Naira the whole time.

Ranav replies to Bela that the movie got over early and remembers catching a glimpse of the woman wearing that bangle that Patali showed him in the cave.

Naira reveals her true face

Without wasting another moment, Ranav tells Bela that he has remembered some work and coming back after a bit, leaving behind Bela in a confused state.

Ranav reaches the movie theatre and spots the lady leaving in her car after which he follows her to the jungle but finds the car left alone in the middle of nowhere.

Meanwhile, Naira comes to Bela and tells her that she does not have any feelings for Ranav and only went to watch the movie as Patali forced her.

Bela says that she does not mind Naira going to movies with Ranav as she knows Ranav loves her wholeheartedly.

Just then, Naira gets a call from someone and informs Bela that the person said that they know where her father is and has called her to meet them in the jungle.

Bela says that Naira going to meet them alone is not safe and she also joins Naira to go to the jungle to check on this informant.

At the same time, Ranav is searching for that lady in the jungle everywhere and decides to wait by the car as she would come there only.

Bela and Naira split up in different directions to search for the person when suddenly Patali appears out of nowhere and stabs Naira on her stomach with a dagger.

Naira screams painfully which both Bela and Ranav hear and Bela reaches Naira first, getting shocked to see blood coming out of her stomach.

Bela takes out the dagger to avoid infection and that's when Ranav comes there and gets the wrong idea on seeing Bela carrying the dagger in her hand.

As Ranav asks Naira how she got into that state and who stabbed her, Naira points at Bela leaving both Ranav and Bela shocked.

Ranav believes in Naira and asks Bela why she did such a thing to his childhood friend who is also their guest for the meantime.

A flashback shows Patali and Naira attacking Naira's father and disappearing him after which Naira comes to live with Ranav's family.

The woman who was present at the movie theatre wearing that bangle was actually Naira who intentionally brought Ranav into the jungle so that she can carry out her plan to trap Bela.

Bela turns into a psycho and obsessive wife

Ranav takes Naira to the hospital after which they come back home and Patali starts blaming Bela for doing such a brutal thing to Naira.

The police come there to inform Naira about her father's case and ask Naira about her injury to which Mallika says that it was Bela who stabbed Naira.

As the police ask Naira to tell them the truth, Naira does not blame Bela and says that she could not see the face of the perpetrator in the dark.

Ranav gets a call from the man he asked to take care of the car and gets disappointed after hearing that the car is not there anymore and has been stolen.

Patali criticizes Bela for committing such a violent thing while Dadi asks Bela to speak for herself as she knows that Bela cannot do such a thing ever.

In the bedroom, Ranav comes to Bela and aggressively asks her why she tried to hurt Naira and says that Bela is a trouble whom he has hung onto himself.

Bela feels hurt on hearing Ranav says that he does not regard her anything and says that she was the one who stabbed Naira.

Bela grabs Ranav's collar and warns him that she will do it again if any other girl tries to cling to her husband as no wife can withstand such a thing.

Ranav gets scared to see Bela's psycho and possessive avatar and decides to leave the room after calling Bela a "psycho".

Patali and Naira celebrate the success of their plan and are determined to turn Pratham into a ruthless Rakshas who would not have any emotions inside him.

Patali says that Bela is the thorn in their path and Naira has to snatch away Ranav from Bela somehow to bring him to the darkness.

Bela and Naira's silent war

The next morning, Bela comes into the kitchen to find Naira present there and asks her to go to the guest room and rest as that is what guests are supposed to do.

Naira says that she knows Ranav and his family more than Bela and is not a guest in this house.

Bela replies that Naira used to know Ranav in the past but times have changed and so has Ranav and his heart which only has Bela in it.

After complimenting Naira's acting skills, Bela hands her the glass of water and asks her to use that to cool herself.

Bela hears Naira's thoughts and discovers that both Naira and Patali know about Pratham being inside Ranav's body which makes Bela wonder why Patali wants to have Pratham again.

At the breakfast table, Naira asks Ranav to sit beside her and acts like a victim to gain sympathy from him but Bela comes and commands Ranav to sit beside Adi.

Ranav watches Bela glaring at him and silently changes his seat after which Bela sits beside Naira and serves food for her.

After breakfast is over, Naira asks Ranav to show her Rajnagar and they can eat panipuris together like they used to do in their childhood.

Bela says she would also like to taste the Panipuri and intertwines her arm with Ranav's, leading him and Naira outside for their trip.

On reaching the Panipuri location, a lady accidentally bumps into Ranav and Bela starts lecturing her on how she should not lurk over other people's husbands.

Ranav gets nervous about Bela pouncing on that lady and tries to calm her down but the lady says that she would also react like that if someone tried to come closer to her husband.

Ranav gets amazed at seeing Bela's powerful aura while Naira decides to do something big which would turn Ranav fully into a Rakshas.

End of Today's 27th May 2023 Bekaboo Episode.

Bekaboo 27th May 2023 Episode Update, Promo

In the upcoming story of Bekaboo, Ranav will be determined to hunt down the Pari to whom the bangle belongs and who killed Aswath 9 years ago.

Ranav realizes that he saw a woman wearing the same bangle as Patali showed him at the movie theatre and goes crazy.

Meanwhile, Patali has realized that Bela is not an ordinary human and confronts her about her real identity along with Yamini.

As per the latest spoiler of Bekaboo, Patali, and Bela have a face-off with each other and use their powers to win the fight.

Let us see what happens after Bela's true powers come to light in front of Ranav in future episodes of the Bekaboo serial.

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