Bekaboo 28th May 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 28th May 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 28th May 2023 Written Update: Bekaaboo written update

Bekaboo 28th May 2023 Written Update

Naira plans to make Ranav drink blood

Today's 28th May 2023 Bekaboo episode starts with Bela telling Ranav that she can become harmful to people she intends to hurt while glaring at Naira.

Ranav stares at Bela with amazement and says that she can be too much sometimes which makes Bela smirk playfully.

Naira tells Ranav that she is tired and will wait for them in the car to carry out her plan to bring out Ranav's inner Rakshas.

Bela tells Ranav that they can go around the park freely now that Naira is gone and drags Ranav with her.

Later, at night, Naira grabs a man and starts screaming asking for help while the man gets confused as to why Naira is asking him to let her go when she is the one to hold onto him.

Naira crushes that man's hand with a stone and pushes him hard making his head on a pillar leading to heavy bleeding from his forehead.

Ranav hears Naira's screams from a distance and speedily runs to the scene to figure out what danger Naira is in.

Naira cries and tells Ranav that that man tried to force himself on her which turns Ranav furious and he starts beating up that man angrily.

Bela calms down Ranav 

Bela comes there and touches Naira which enables her to hear Naira's inner thoughts about the mission of making Ranav drink human blood somehow so that he turns out to be a true Rakshas.

Ranav spots human blood spattered everywhere including his own body and starts losing control over his senses, wanting to drink blood like a hungry beast.

However, as Ranav is about to bite into that man's neck, Bela asks Ranav to stop and makes eye contact with him which calms down Ranav from his uncontrollable state.

Ranav realizes what he was about to do and leaves that man who somehow stands up and runs away from there leaving Ranav panting with blood lying everywhere.

Naira walks away while Bela comes to Ranav and tries to calm him down after watching him breathe heavily.

Bela uses her powers to turn on the water from a pipe nearby and washes off the blood from Ranav's face and body with her hands.

Ranav slowly calms down and hugs Bela intensely while Bela starts feeling something warm inside her heart but refuses to pay attention to it.

Bela discovers Patali's intentions

Meanwhile, Patali grabs Naira's neck and chokes her so that she can teach her a lesson for not succeeding in their objective of making Ranav taste human blood.

Naira tells Patali that she was very close to making Ranav drink blood but Bela came in between and stopped him by just calling out his name.

Naira says that there is something enchanting about Ranav and Bela and their love but Patali does not believe in that nonsense and says that she would make Pratham into the most powerful monster.

While Patali asks Naira to separate Ranav from Bela, Bela hears the entire conversation while standing outside the room but mistakenly drops the vase while trying to leave.

Patali asks Bela to come inside as she must have heard everything they are talking about and Bela enters the room, announcing that she is not afraid of Patali.

Bela says that Patali has not changed a bit even after losing her family and children and still wants to push Pratham into the darkness which leaves Patali shocked and she understands that Bela is not a normal human.

As Patali asks Bela about her true identity, Bela activates her powers and announces that she is a Pari, making Patali smile evilly.

Patali and Bela engage in close combat with each other and elope to the jungle where they attack each other using their powers.

As Patali attacks Bela by calling a flock of crows, Bela prays to nature and calls eagles to fight them and saves herself.

However, the entire fighting scene turns out to be Bela's imagination and she tells Patali that she heard them talking about separating Ranav from her.

Bela says that she was and will be Ranav's wife while Patali says that she does not like Bela at all and wants Naira to become Ranav's wife.

Patali challenges Bela that she will slap her in front of Ranav in the next 24 hours, which Bela gladly accepts but later gets a bit nervous thinking whether Ranav would worry about her.

Patali's game plans to prove Bela senile

Bela tries to test it out and starts shouting which brings Ranav running to her instantly.

Ranav gets irritated as he hears that Bela was jumping because she is hungry but Bela gets happy inside seeing Ranav worried about her.

Later, at night, all the family members attend Udit's birthday party where Yamini asks him to mingle with Naira.

As Udit asks for Naira's hand to dance together, Naira gives him her glass of juice and goes to Ranav to latch onto him.

Ranav suggests Naira look for handsome men from the crowd and dance with them as he is already married and has a wife.

Bela comes in between Naira and Ranav and asks Naira to marry a handsome and nice man who will make her happy for the rest of her life like Bela and Ranav.

Yamini starts a dance performance in which Udit and Naira also join but Naira drags Ranav with herself on the dance floor.

Ranav asks Bela to join him and both dance romantically together while both Mallika and Naira glare at them enviously.

Patali suddenly comes closer to Bela in an instant with her powers which scares Bela and she falls to the floor along with Ranav while dancing.

As Bela goes upstairs to bring the gifts, Patali teleports to the top of the staircase and pushes Bela down the stairs with the help of her powers.

Ranav gets worried about Bela and asks her to walk carefully but Bela says that Patali pushed her down the stairs earlier.

Ranav asks Patali if she used her powers to hurt Bela but Patali refuses and Naira shows a clip where Patali was standing beside her when Bela fell down.

Bela tells Ranav that she is not lying while Patali says that Bela must have lost her mind to say something like that.

Ranav silently picks up Bela in his arms and goes upstairs while Bela notices Patali smirking at her with an evil expression.

End of Today's 28th May 2023 Bekaboo Episode.

Bekaboo 28th May 2023 Episode Update, Promo

The upcoming story of Bekaboo will feature Ranav attempting to track down Pari who is the owner of the bangle and who murdered Aswath nine years ago.

The moment Ranav realizes he has seen a woman wearing the same bangle as Patali had shown him at the cinema, he goes into a state of hysteria.

At the same time, Patali has discovered that Bela is not your ordinary human and confronts her about her real identity along with Yamini.

As per the latest spoiler of Bekaboo, Patali and Bela have a face-off with each other and both use their powers to defeat the other.

The Raichand family will celebrate Udit's birthday where Patali will try to harm Bela and prove her possessed so that Ranav throws her out of his life.

Let us see what happens after Bela's true powers come to light in front of Ranav in future episodes of the Bekaboo serial.

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