Bekaboo 29th April 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 29th April 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 29th April 2023 Written Update: Bekaaboo written update

Bekaboo 29th April 2023 Written Update

Bela decides to help Ranav

Today's Bekaboo 29th April 2023 episode starts with Bela spotting Ranav leaving the Haveli and remembering how she used to empathize with the Rakshas in her childhood.

Bela turns away to leave the Haveli but gets hurt by the portrait and one drop of her blood falls to the floor which activates Bela's magic.

Bela gets shocked to see glimpses of the past where Aswath gets attacked by someone and dies with dangerous powers overpowering him.

This confirms Bela's suspicion about Aswath's murder and she starts to think that she has done wrong to Pratham's family in the past.

However, Bela justifies her actions by saying that it was her duty to stop the Rakshas from getting the Asiastra which she fulfilled.

After a great deal of thinking, Bela remembers her mother's words about Pari walking on the path of truth and reform and decides not to kill Ranav immediately.

Bela says that she would help Ranav in finding out the culprits of Aswath's death so that his family receives justice and she could have no hesitance in taking revenge on him.

Bela and Ranav get close

Bela returns to her room where Ranav makes an annoyed face on seeing her and sleeps on the bed while ignoring her completely.

Mallika eavesdrops on Ranav and Bela's room and tells Adi that there is nothing between them as no voices can be heard.

Suddenly, Bela starts screaming in pain leaving Ranav surprised and he wakes up to look what happened to Bela.

Ranav puts ointment on Bela's foot while Bela continues to scream in pain which makes Mallika believe that something sexual is happening between them.

Adi also hears the sounds coming from Ranav and Bela's room and tells Mallika that Ranav and Bela have consumed their marriage at last and they should do the same.

Mallika pushes away Adi and tells him that she has no interest in him and only wants to get Ranav back in her life somehow.

Ranav lifts Bela in his arms and makes her lie on the bed gently after which he also goes to sleep on the other side.

Bela decides to make Ranav jealous

The next day, Ranav and Bela join Mallika and Adi for breakfast and Ranav starts flirting with Mallika by putting butter on her bread.

Bela starts getting jealous seeing Ranav and Mallika close to each other and leaves to meet Indrajeet who holds her as she is about to fall.

Ranav glares at Bela and Indrajeet as he watches Indrajeet's hands on Bela's waist but pretends that he does not care while Bela leaves to see the city with Indrajeet.

Bela asks Indrajeet if there is any caretaker of the Haveli to which Indrajeet reveals that his grandfather used to take care of the Haveli but now, he is at the psychiatric hospital due to his poor mental state.

The mystery of Aswath's death

Indrajeet agrees to take Bela to meet his grandfather at the hospital and they get surprised to see an old man tied up to a chair in his room.

Bela reads the words scribbled on the walls of the room and uses her power on the old man to know the past that killed Aswath.

The old man becomes uncontrollable and pushes Indrajeet out of the room, locking himself and Bela alone inside.

Bela asks the old man to tell her about the incident after which he starts telling the story which took place in the year 2009.

Yamini, Shekhar, and the MLA had started to do illegal business secretly while Aswath and Valmik were still sad about Pratham's death.

Aswath told Valmik that Ranav will grow up and take revenge for Pratham's death but Valmik said that he does not want anything like that to happen.

One night, Aswath spotted Valmik going into the jungle and followed him after which he discovered the Asiastra and a letter from Valmik asking Aswath to hide the astra at the Masoori Haveli.

Aswath assures that he will come back safely to his wife and Ranav before leaving but Yamini discovers about the astra and reaches the Haveli to steal it.

The old man who was the caretaker at that time, welcomes Aswath into the Haveli and Aswath goes to the basement to hide the astra safely.

However, Yamini and Shekar come there and try to attack Aswath to get the Astra but Aswath defeats them with the power of the Astra.

The story stops after Aswath suddenly meets another person at the Haveli and gets shocked, leaving Bela curious.

Bela decides to find out the rest of the truth by herself while Ranav also thinks about how he can find out the reason behind Aswath's coming to Masoori.

End of Today's 29th April 2023 Episode.

Bekaboo 29th April 2023 Episode Update, Promo

The upcoming story of Bekaboo will show Bela realizing that Ranav is not the one who killed Aswath in any way and will decide to help him to uncover the secret behind Aswath's death.

Bela sees the history of the Masoori haveli after her blood drops on the floor by accident and activates her magical powers.

After discovering the truth, Bela understands that Yamini and many others have killed Aswath and tells Ranav that she will help him in uncovering the mystery.

After Bela comes out of the shower and dries her hair in front of Ranav, Ranav finds himself enchanted by her beauty and goes to her to hug her.

As per the upcoming twist of the show, Ranav notices that Bela does not have a reflection in the mirror and gets shocked.

Ranav asks Bela why she has no reflection in the mirror and transforms into his Rakshas form to attack her.

Let us see how Bela justifies the situation or reveals the truth to Ranav in the upcoming episodes of Beqaboo.

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