Bekaboo 2nd April 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 2nd April 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 2nd April 2023 Written Update: Bekaaboo written update

Bekaboo 2nd April 2023 Written Update

Ranav fights goons in his Rakshas form

Today's Bekaboo 2nd April 2023 episode starts with Bela asking Mallika where the hair on her shoulder came from to which Mallika replies that she does not know.

Bela recognizes the hair as an animal's belonging and remembers that Ranav was the last person who hugged Mallika and becomes suspicious about the situation.

Mallika shows a picture of Ranav that he sent her, and Bela goes to the place shown in the photo to search for Ranav.

Meanwhile, Yamini gets to know that the diamond they sold to the international client was a fake one and some person exchanged the diamond before the exhibition.

Yamini realizes that the queen tricked them and left with the original diamond and sends her men to retract the diamond from her.

The queen thanks Ranav for helping her to save the diamond from those thieves and asks him if he wants something from her.

Ranav cheers his glass of drink with her and says that he is good with her blessings when suddenly their car gets attacked by some goons who shoot one of the drivers and forces the queen to come out of the car.

However, Ranav comes out of the car and starts beating up those goons unleashing his Rakshas form.

Bela hears the screams from a distance and comes to see what is going on there.

Bela discovers Ranav's Rakshas form

Seeing Ranav screaming ferociously with his fangs and Rakshas eyes out, Bela gets horrified and runs away from there to her house.

Ranav uses his powers on the queen and makes her forget everything she saw just a few moments ago.

After reaching home, Bela searches through her paintings and watches the picture of the Rakshas she drew earlier with fast breaths and scared eyes.

Ranav appears there and tells Bela that she has to die now as she has seen the truth and throws Bela after grabbing her neck forcefully.

As Ranav is about to kill Bela, the entire thing turns out to be Bela's dream as she wakes up panting for air the next morning.

Meanwhile, Yamini seems stressed as her plan to retract the diamonds failed miserably, and wonders who the person is who changed the diamond and ruined their plan.

Yamini's husband points out that someone else also stays in the house and signals his eyes at Ranav who comes downstairs yawning.

Ranav asks for a cup of tea while Yamini comes to him and asks him why there is blood on the side of his lips.

Ranav recalls how he killed those goons the previous night but makes an excuse that he got the blood from a wild cat-like girl who scratched her while making out.

Ranav decides to take over the business

As Yamini starts being suspicious about Ranav, Ranav decides to manage the business of Aswath as it belongs to him after his father.

Later, Bela watches Yamini meeting with the MLA and talking about Adi and Mallika's marriage.

The MLA confirms that the property belongs to Yamini and tells her that he is ready for the marriage once Mallika gives her consent.

While going out, Yamini watches Bela standing and tells her that she will give Vijay a promotion before they marry each other.

Mallika believes in the MLA as he tells her that Adi will receive the entire property after Yamini and agrees to marry Adi.

Meanwhile, Yamini and Adi visit their timbre factory to interfere in Ranav's work as he seems to be interested in managing the business.

Yamini asks Ranav to leave doing all these works and go out to enjoy himself but Ranav slyly refuses and says he should look over the business as Aswath's son.

Bela also comes there to meet Vijay and asks him about what Ranav is doing there and other things about the Raichand family.

While Ranav is sitting over a heap of wood and looking over the accounts, he spots a man in danger as a log of wood is about to fall on him.

Ranav rushes there in an instant and holds the log of wood with his arms but the whole scene gets covered by a moving truck.

The man thanks Ranav for saving his life and hugs him while Yamini says that she cannot let Ranav dive so deep in the business as they have a smuggling business in the timbre factory.

After Yamini fixes Adi and Mallika's engagement the same night, Yamini decides to send Ranav away to some work to keep him away from the party.

However, Ranav gets to know about the engagement from Mallika and determines to stop it as he wants to teach a lesson to Mallika for breaking the OG Ranav's heart.

Ranav agrees to go with the trucks of timbre at Yamini's request but he has separate plans for the night.

Ranav and Bela bump into each other with Bela saying that she thinks that Ranav is a normal human being and she will expose that to everyone.

As Bela is about to leave, Ranav watches a truck coming at her and pulls her into his arms swiftly making eye contact with her.

Ranav decides to use his power on Bela to make her forget everything but Vijay comes there and takes Bela with him.

Adi and Mallika's engagement party

Later, at night, the MLA announces the engagement party while Yamini and Adi check if Ranav is in with the trucks far away from the function.

Bela catches Vijay swiping away money dishonestly and asks him why he is using such means to earn money.

As Adi is about to put the ring into Mallika's finger, the MLA gets a text and stops the engagement as he wants to have a talk with Yamini.

The MLA tells Yamini that Ranav is changing the name of the company to which Yamini says that the news must be fake.

However, Ranav appears at the party and announces that he has decided to gift the position of manager to Adi as his engagement gift.

Mallika walks away in dismay and questions the MLA about Adi being the owner but the MLA asks her to act natural till he finds out the truth.

Adi asks Mallika for a dance while Ranav decides to dance with Mallika's friend to make her jealous.

As Bela stops Ranav from going after Mallika, Ranav asks her to dance with him if she wants to stop him from going after Mallika.

Mallika gets furious about seeing Bela dance with Ranav and asks her if she loves Ranav while Bela realizes Ranav's clever plan to create issues between Bela and Mallika.

End of Today's 2nd April 2023 Bekaboo Episode.

Bekaboo 2nd April 2023 Episode Update, Promo

In the upcoming story of Bekaboo, Pratham and Bela will run into each other frequently while Bela investigates the disappearance of her friend Anwita.

Bela finds footage in Anwita's phone showing her running away from the Rakshas in the jungle.

However, Bela catches another person running after Anwita who turns out to be Ranav after looking at it repeatedly.

Ranav's going to get frightened when Bela confronts him and tells him he's responsible for Anwita disappearing.

Despite Ranav's denials, Bela insists that Ranav is a Rakshas, which enables Pratham to take over Ranav.

Let's see what Bela does when she sees Ranav's Rakshas get up in the future story.

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