Bekaboo 30th April 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 30th April 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 30th April 2023 Written Update: Bekaaboo written update

Bekaboo 30th April 2023 Written Update

Ranav becomes mad and jealous

Today's Bekaboo 30th April 2023 episode starts with Bela and Indrajeet returning from the psychiatric hospital.

Bela asks Indrajeet not to tell Ranav anything about their visit to the hospital as he would get angry.

Indrajeet says that everyone in his family is normal except his grandfather which makes Bala laugh inside as she finds Indrajeet a comical person.

Bela asks Indrajeet not to flirt with her anymore as her husband would not like it and might hurt him.

Ranav watches Bela and Indrajeet return to the hotel and gets jealous seeing them together.

Stopping Bela and Indrajeet on their way, Ranav asks them about their sightseeing trip and Bela answers enthusiastically which makes Ranav angrier.

Bela comes to the room and gets into the washroom for a shower while thinking about what she just found out about Ranav's family.

Ranav comes into the room and wonders why he is feeling so annoyed seeing Bela with another man.

Ranav starts kicking things in anger and remembers the same heavy feeling in his chest that he felt for that Pari.

Ranav and Bela's increasing closeness

Bela forwards her hand out of the bathroom door and asks Ranav to pass her the kurta first and then the towel making Ranav stomp around in anger.

However, as Bela comes out of the washroom, Ranav freezes in his position and stares at her intensely as if he has got enchanted.

Bela maintains eye contact and asks Ranav to tie the lace behind her salwar but Ranav refuses to do it.

However, as Bela says that she would go and ask for someone else's help, Ranav glares at her and comes to help her.

Bela clenches her jaw in nervousness as Ranav's fingers touch her skin and she remembers the warmth and love she felt for Pratham.

Ranav barely controls himself as he watches Bela's shy expression and Bela decides to go out of the room as soon as the work is done.

Bela tricks everyone to visit the Haveli

At the dinner table, Indrajeet talks about how he and his family have been managing the haveli for years and he thinks that there are many secrets residing there.

Mallika talks about how she and Ranav went there earlier which gives Bela an idea and she hides Mallika's phone inside her purse.

Bela asks Mallika's phone so that she can click pictures as her phone is out of battery and Mallika makes a scene after not being able to find her phone.

Bela asks Mallika if she left it at the Haveli and they decide to go and search for it except Ranav who refuses to join them.

However, Ranav agrees to join them as Bela boasts about Indrajeet knowing Haveli better than him and they reach there to find Mallika's phone.

Bela finds a yard area covered with soil and throws Mallika's phone there so that Ranav's attention goes toward that place.

Ranav finds that area weird but Indrajeet distracts him and asks him to leave the place quickly which fails Bela's plan.

Still, Bela does not give up and pretends to get her leg stuck into a hole from which Ranav takes out her leg and discovers that there is a secret passage beneath the ground.

Ranav goes inside the basement passage and finds out human blood and the box in which Asiastra was kept by Aswath.

Indrajeet reveals his Rakshas form

Meanwhile, Indrajeet changes his tone and seals the underground passage door with his powers leaving Bela shocked.

Indrajeet drags away Bela and tells her that she ruined his plan to keep that basement hidden to which Bela says that she knows that the old man is not his grandfather.

Indrajeet confesses that the old man is not his grandfather and he locked him to hide the truth which has got out because of her.

As Indrajeet asks Bela what her real identity is, Bela reveals her true form and announces that she is Raj Pari Devlekha which excites Indrajeet as he can drink her blood.

Ranav hears shouts from outside and tries to get out of the basement as he needs to make sure Bela is safe.

Bela applies her powers on Indrajeet but drops her guard as Indrajeet tells her that she has been touched by another Rakshas already.

Ranav kills Indrajeet

As Indrajeet is about to attack her, Bela shouts Ranav's name and Ranav appears there to save Bela and hugs her in his arms.

Bela tells Ranav that Indrajeet has touched her wrongly which makes Ranav go crazy while Bela intentionally gets in the way of Indrajeet and pretends to be unconscious after getting hit.

Ranav and Indrajeet get into a fight and Indrajeet gets defeated by Ranav easily as he has superior powers.

As Ranav threatens Indrajeet after announcing that he is Pratham, Indrajeet tells him about the past incident where they tried to kill Aswath but failed.

Indrajeet says that Aswath was killed by someone unknown whom he trusted very much.

Ranav says that he will not forgive Indrajeet for touching his wife and makes him kill himself with a sharp log of wood.

After crying over Aswath's tragic death, Ranav picks up Bela in his arms and Bela hears Ranav swearing that he will take revenge for his brother's death by finding the culprits.

End of Today's 30th April 2023 Bekaboo Written Update.

Bekaboo 30th April 2023 Episode Update, Promo

According to the future story of Bekaboo, Bela will realize Ranav wasn't the one who killed Aswath and will help him uncover the truth.

When Bela's blood drops on the floor by accident, she activates her magical power and sees the history of the Masoori haveli.

Bela, having discovered the truth, tells Ranav that she will help him uncover the truth when she learns that Yamini has killed Aswath alongside many others.

As Bela dries her hair in front of Ranav after getting out of the shower, the latter finds himself enchanted by her beauty and goes over to hug her.

As per the upcoming twist of the show, Ranav notices Bela does not have a reflection in the mirror and gets shocked.

In order to attack Bela, Ranav transforms into the Rakshas form and asks why she has no reflection in the mirror.

As the upcoming episodes of Beqaboo unfold, we will find out whether Bela reveals the truth to Ranav or justifies the situation.

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