Bekaboo 30th July 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 30th July 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 30th July 2023 Written Update: Bekaaboo written update

Bekaboo 30th July 2023 Written Update

Today's Bekaboo 30th July 2023 episode starts with Bela telling Yatin that she is ready to start the next stage of her calculated revenge plan.

Ranav stops Sophia from leaving

Suddenly, Yatin gets a call informing him that Kritika is missing and she has not even boarded her flight which makes Yatin alert and he tells Bela that the Rakshas must have done something with her.

Yatin says that Daima gave him the responsibility to protect Bela and they are not staying in that house for another minute as Kritika is already gone and they are in danger.

Bela says that she will not move from there unless she takes her revenge while Yatin says that his decision is final and drags Bela with him downstairs.

Sophia and Yatin bump into Ranav while going out and Yatin says that they are leaving the house as Sophia got injured so much because of that accident.

Ranav says that they are not to blame for the accident as it was Sophia herself who went on the bike even though she did not know how to drive.

Sophia says that Yatin always becomes dramatic when it comes to her and tries to convince him but Yatin pulls Sophia and she lands in Ranav's arms after losing her balance.

Ranav and Sophia stare into each other's eyes and Ranav realizes that he is getting the same feeling as he used to get with Bela after which his decision changes.

Burning the photos of the photoshoot, Ranav says that Sophia has to shoot again as he did not like the photos and she cannot leave.

Bela learns about Malak and Patali's plan

Later, Bela comes into Yamini's room in search of the book of secrets and finds a secret door to the basement where she finds the book but gets shocked to see Patali outside and instantly hides.

Patali says that she has to find Yamini's cure but gets shocked as Malak comes inside the room leaving Bela confused as Balaka is dead for years.

However, Bela soon figures out that it is not Balaka but his brother, Malak, who is with Patali to get his hands on the Asi Astra.

Malak says that this night is special as Asi Astra's power becomes 100 times more but Patali says that she does not know where the Astra is and is searching for it.

Malak threatens Patali that he will reveal her secrets to everyone which makes Bela curious as it what secrets Malak is referring to.

After Patali and Malak leave, Bela comes out and says that she needs to kill everyone as all the Rakshas are after the Asi Astra.

Bela bumps into Dadi who says that even if she is Sophia, Dadi's heart says that it is Bela and she gives Bela a pendant as her blessing.

Ranav captures Yamini with his powers

Shekhar handles a mad Yamini while Dadi sets the table for a meal and Sophia comes there saying that Yamini is such a wrt cat in front of her mother-in-law.

This triggers Yamini and she pounces on Dadi trying to eat her but Ranav comes there and saves Dadi at the end moment.

Ranav locks Yamini inside a room and applies a spell on the door while Patali says that Yamini's condition is because of Bela which confuses Ranav.

Ranav asks Patali why Bela would do something like this as she died in the fire at the house unable to protect herself due to the absence of her powers.

Meanwhile, Bela realizes that everyone is doing anything for the Asi Astra and determines to kill the entire family of Rakshas which will make her avenge her dead child.

Ranav confronts Sophia

Ranav also thinks about everything happening in recent times and thinks why Bela would do something like that.

Bela opens the book and finds out that one can make a Rakshas lose their powers for some hours by attacking their spinal cord after which she plans to hurt Ranav like that and kill him.

However, Ranav appears inside the room at that moment and says that eyes remain the same even though other things can change and he was always unsure about her being Sophia.

Ranav says that he was not ready to believe that Sophia is Bela as Bela died but when he touched her, the sensation changed everything and he believed that Sophia is actually Bela.

Bela stands silently while Ranav asks her why she is playing such a game with his family and what her ambition is this time as he wants to hear it from her directly.

End of Today's 30th July 2023 Bekaboo Episode.

Bekaboo 30th July 2023 Episode Update, Promo

The upcoming story of Bekaboo will show Patali becoming suspicious of Sophia's identity and hoping to figure out if she is Bela or not.

The current plot of Bekaboo revolves around Ranav accusing Bela of murdering Vijay, sending her to jail, and proving that Bela is mentally unstable to the police.

After Bela returns with a revenge plan to exact revenge on Ranav, Ranav is outraged to find that she has changed into Sophia with the same intent to hurt Ranav.

According to the latest twists in Bekaboo, Patali will suspect Sophia is actually Bela and will try to prove that in reality that Bela has returned.

There will be a great deal of interest in watching how Bela manages to achieve her revenge plans against the Raichands by evading Patali's game plan and how she manages to save herself from Patali's plan.

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