Bekaboo 3rd June 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 3rd June 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 3rd June 2023 Written Update: Bekaaboo written update

Bekaboo 3rd June 2023 Written Update

Today's 3rd June 2023 Bekaboo episode starts with Ranav bringing Bela into his room and asking her what is wrong with her.

Patali slaps Bela

Ranav who is resting Bela in his bed, taunts Bela for being reckless.

Bela begs Ranav to help her with her discomfort, but Bela is embarrassed to pick out her dress.

Ranav, however, asks that Bela lay his hands on her injuries, and Bela grasping his hands, indicates the areas where she is injured.

Ranav, while tracing his fingers over Bela's injury, begins recalling all of his memories and spreads the ointment on the injury.

He points Bela to the mirror in front of them, and Bela yells at him and calls him a cheater for staring at her indirectly.

However, Ranav departs, and Bela using her power heals her wound while muttering that Patali is a dangerous lady who must be dealt with.

Bela comes downstairs as the party continues, mumbling that she needs to keep an eye on Patali to see what she does.

Patali sees Bela and asks that she come forward, and Patali smiles evilly as she imposes her control over Bela.

She pushes her with her powers, which causes Bela to grab Udit and slam his face against the cake, which enrages him.

Udit queries Bela about why she shoved her, and Bela reveals that it was Patali who pushed her.

Ranav witnessing this asks that Bela stop lying and stop blaming Patali.

Bela, on the other hand, argues with Patali, which irritates Ranav, and Patali affirms that there must be a soul inside Bela that is controlling her.

Patali promises her that she knows how to expel the soul, and after seizing Bela she begins frantically wondering why the soul is still there inside her body.

Everyone stares at them, as Patali slaps Bela right and left to get rid of the ghost.

Bela becomes enraged and decides to teach Patali a lesson by acting as if she is controlled by a ghost.

With her powers, she causes Patali to respond similarly, and Bela exacts her revenge by slapping Patali by Naira.

Ranav believes that a catfight is taking on between Bela and Patali, and as he steps outside, someone attacks him.

Ranav's Revelation 

Ranav, enraged, demands that the assailant confront himself in front of him, and a ball of fire encircles and confines Ranav inside.

A swarm of bats appears and begins attacking Ranav, while a truck loaded with rods approaches.

The vehicle comes to a stop right next to Ranav, and the rods coming out of the truck hit him, causing him to scream in pain.

Meanwhile, Bela awakens screaming to find Ranav gone.

She decides to find Ranav and, as she approaches the wooded region, she uses her powers to try to locate Ranav.

Bela, upon seeing something, begins running and discovers a large amount of blood-drenched on the ground. 

Looking around, Bela begins crying out to Ranav frantically.

Bela finds Ranav unconscious against a tree with rods coming out of him.

Bela yells as she looks at Ranav and uses her power to rescue and bring him down.

She is in tears as he looks at Ranav's condition, and Ranav mutters that he cannot die so easily since he is a dreadful beast.

Ranav tells Bela the truth and confirms that he is Pratham, adding that someone cursed him and that he cannot return to life again until he consumes someone else's blood.

While Bela continues to grieve, he informs her that Ranav is dead and that he is using his body to keep him alive.

Ranav also states that he was unable to find the murderer who murdered Ashwat and that he no longer has the energy to live.

Bela, who is clutching Ranav, pledges that she is not going to let Ranav die as his body begins to drag inside the soil.

Bela brings Ranav back to life!

Bela, with no other choice, grabs Ranav and presses her palm in front of his mouth.

As the drop of blood flows into Ranav, a massive reaction occurs and Ranav becomes cognizant.

Ranav grows much stronger than before, and a circular shape develops in the sky as a result Rani becomes concerned when she sees this.

She is terrified and mutters that she is afraid because she believes Bela will face a dangerous challenge.

Ranav, feeling enormous power within himself, mutters that the blood he drank was not ordinary blood that brought him back from the dead.

Ranav inquires about her identity, and Bela admits that she is the cause of his earlier death.

She goes on to say that she has different motives this time and affirms that she is a Pari.

Meanwhile, two people sitting and staring at the sky talk about how the weather is rapidly changing and a dangerous catastrophe is on the way.

Ranav, on the other hand, stands still and mutters about how Bela has been lying about her identity all this time, while Bela verifies that she is the reason he is still alive.

Meanwhile, a car approaches, and Ranav sides Bela and hugs her, while Bela feels secured in his arms, just as she did the last time.

Bela, however, brings Ranav home and while Ranav is asleep on the bed she begins to overthink the whole matter.

Bela speaks with her other self, who claims she did a stupid thing by offering Ranav her blood in order to preserve his life.

She warns her and asks that she consider the consequences of her actions, while Bela admits that she did so solely to achieve her lofty goals.

Bela sympathizes with Ranav as a knife passes past and strikes the wall.

She reads the letter pasted along the knife, which states that he is aware of Bela's true identity

End of today's 3rd June 2023 Bekaboo episode.

Bekaboo 3rd June 2023 Episode Update, Promo

In the upcoming story of Bekaboo, Ranav and Bela will have a face-off with each other after Ranav will discover Bela's identity.

The current track of Bekaboo revolves around Patali challenging Bela that she will slap Bela in front of Ranav in the next 24 hours which Bela accepts.

However, Patali deliberately uses her powers to create situations that put Bela in the wrong light and she gets blamed as a person who is trying to accuse others without any reason.

Ranav gets angry at Bela and says that he cannot do anything else other than bear the weight of being Bela's husband.

According to the latest twists of Bekaboo, Ranav will soon discover Bela's true identity of being a Pari.

Ranav and Bela will have a dual between them where Ranav will act angry at Bela but at the same time, care about her well-being a safety.

Let us see how Ranav and Bela fight out between themselves and who surrenders first in the upcoming episodes of Bekaboo.

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