Bekaboo 4th June 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 4th June 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 4th June 2023 Written Update: Bekaaboo written update

Bekaboo 4th June 2023 Written Update

Ranav is hungry for his revenge on Bela

Today's 4th June 2023 Bekaboo episode starts with Ranav getting flashbacks of him getting shot by arrows and Bela saving him.

Ranav gets reminded of Bela's confession about her being a Raj Pari and opens his eyes in horror while panting furiously.

As Ranav realizes that Bela is Devlekha, he screams in frustration and says that he got again betrayed by the Pari like in the past.

Ranav decides to confront Bela and comes downstairs to search for her everywhere after which the staff tells him that Bela went outside.

Ranav realizes where Bela might be and goes there to fight her for what she had done with him 21 years ago.

Going back to the riverside where Pratham and Devlekha met each other and Pratham revealed Devlekha's identity, Ranav remembers the past more clearly about how Devlekha made him and Aswath fight with each other.

Ranav says that Bela always wanted to take revenge on him and that is the reason why she married him in the first place.

Bela and Ranav's sensuous fight

Bela appears from behind Ranav and says that he is saying the right thing as her intentions have always been to punish him for his deeds.

Ranav says that Bela got what she deserved for destroying him and his family when his father wanted Asiastra for a good cause.

Bela replies that Rakshas is someone not to be trusted and she fulfilled her duty as the Rajpari by doing what she was meant to do.

Ranav says that Aswath would not have died if he was alive and Bela is the reason why he lost his entire family.

Coming closer to Ranav, Bela says that she also lost everything after stabbing him to death as her pride was snatched away from her by Ranav.

Bela tells Ranav that she got punished for her deeds and had to get reincarnated as an ordinary human who is alone in this world.

Ranav starts laughing and says that he is glad that Bela also lost everything and suffered in the same manner as him because she deserved it.

Staring at Bela intensely, Ranav says that her plan of making him fall in love with her will never succeed as they are not bound to fall in love with each other.

Bela agrees to that and says that she can never love a Rakshas while Ranav says that he would never have feelings for Bela.

As Bela questions Ranav if he truly has not fallen in love with her, Ranav pulls Bela in his arms and rubs her face with his hands as his eyes pierce Bela's stare with tension.

Bela pushes off Ranav and both get ready for combat with each other while Ranav announces that they are bound by the bond of hate for eternity.

Ranav and Bela attack each other but Ranav does not use force on Bela intentionally while fighting her.

As Bela tries to use her powers on Ranav, Ranav pulls her closer to him and caresses her cheek with his hand which makes Bela close her eyes due to the warmth.

However, Bela pushes away Ranav again and both continue their fight when Bela creates daggers with her powers and throws them at Ranav making his neck get cut slightly from one of them.

Bela widens her eyes in worry for one moment while Ranav smirks at Bela and heals himself with his powers.

Just then, an arrow comes in the direction of Ranav and Bela pushes him away and falls to the ground after getting hit by that.

Patali appears and says that she would finish off Bela instantly as she is their enemy and the Pari who destroyed their family in the past.

Ranav stops Patali and says that he would not let her kill Bela as she is his enemy and only he has the right to decide when and where Bela would die.

Patali plans to use Bela to make Ranav stronger

Ranav brings Bela back home in his arms and lays her on the bed while she remains unconscious.

As Ranav gets reminded how Bela saved him and made him drink her blood, Ranav says that it is all deception and acting from Bela's side to trap him.

Patali brings Ranav into her room and asks him if he has fallen in love with Bela to which Ranav replies that he can never love someone like Bela in his life.

However, as Patali asks Ranav to deceptively sleep with Bela so that she falls in love with him and willingly gives him her blood, Ranav gets shocked and says that he would never touch Bela like that.

Patali gets frustrated as Ranav refuses to follow her plan and a flashback shows her discovering the story of Devlekha and Pratham from Aswath and Valaka in the past.

With an evil smirk, Patali laughs and says that she wanted Ranav to bring Bela back to the house so that she can make her plan a success in no time.

Bela decides to leave the house

The next day, Bela starts packing her clothes and tells Ranav that she is leaving the house to which Ranav agrees at once and says that she should leave.

As Ranav insults Bela by calling her deceptive and cunning, Bela uses her powers to push away Ranav and Ranav also makes a pillow fly in the middle of the air which gets bursted by Bela.

Bela and Ranav stare at each other with anger and love radiating from their eyes while the feathers of the pillow shower on them like flowers.

Ranav asks Bela to get out which Dadi hears and says that Bela will not leave anywhere as that house belongs to her equally.

Bela decides that she would leave later at night when no one would be awake while Ranav clenches his fist in frustration.

Later, everyone gathers to have breakfast together and Dadi asks Bela to serve food to Ranav which Bela follows awkwardly.

After Ranav and Bela leave the breakfast table, Patali tells Yamini that she has decided to accept Bela as Ranav's wife as Ranav loves her very much which leaves Yamini confused and suspicious as to what her mother is planning.

End of Today's 4th June 2023 Episode.

Bekaboo 4th June 2023 Episode Update, Promo

In the upcoming story of Bekaboo, a face-off between Ranav and Bela will take place in Bekaboo's upcoming story after Ranav discovers Bela's identity.

The current track of Bekaboo has Patali challenging Bela to slap her in front of Ranav within the next 24 hours, which Bela accepts confidently.

Nevertheless, Patali deliberately creates situations that put Bela in the wrong light, making her appear as someone who is making false accusations against others.

In anger, Ranav says he cannot do anything other than bear the burden of being Bela's husband, which hurts Bela.

As per Bekaboo's latest twist, Ranav will uncover Bela's true identity as a Pari very soon.

Ranav and Bela will have a dual in which Ranav will act angry at Bela, but care about her well-being and safety at the same time.

The feeling that Bela has for Ranav is also as strong, but she decides to take care of her duties first as a Raj Pari.

Let us watch the upcoming episodes of Bekaboo to see who surrenders first between Ranav and Bela.

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