Bekaboo 5th August 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 5th August 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 5th August 2023 Written Update: Bekaaboo written update

Bekaboo 5th August 2023 Written Update

Today's Bekaboo 5th August 2023 episode starts with Ranav saying that he knows that Sophia is only Bela and he asks Sophia what she planning to do by changing her identity.

Ranav challenges Bela

Bela understands that Ranav did not hear anything about her plan and acts like Sophia saying that Ranav is being philosophical and must have loved Bela.

Sophia asks Ranav if he truly loved Bela or if it was just hate under the mask of love after which Ranav grabs Sophia's face in his palms and stares into her eyes seriously.

Ranav says that he has no doubt that Sophia is Bela and says that Sophia will confess that on her own very soon.

After Ranav leaves, Bela throws things in anger and says that she will kill Ranav that night only and fulfil her revenge.

Shekhar goes toward the locked dungeon where Yamini is locked and tells Ranav that he is worried about Yamini and wants to give her food after Ranav notices Shekhar.

Ranav says that Yamini will not die if she does not eat to which Shekhar agrees but says that he is worried about his wife as a husband as he loves her.

Understanding Shekhar's feelings, Ranav takes the food and goes into the dungeon to give Yamini the food while she demands to let her out.

Patali spies on Bela

Later, Patali uses the locket's magic to see what Sophia is seeing in a mirror as she had applied magic in the locket that Dadi gave Sophia.

Patali sees Sophia following Ranav and confirms that she is Bela only while Bela is trying to stab Ranav in his spinal cord.

Ranav gets alert after receiving a wound on his arm and transfers Bela into the depths of the jungle when she attacks him once more.

Bela confronts Ranav and confesses that she is Bela after which Ranav does not resist her as she stabs him in his heart with the knife.

Ranav asks Bela why she is doing all this, to which Bela says that she has lost her most precious thing because of Ranav.

Patali fears that Ranav and Bela will know the truth and proceeds to go there but all of them get shocked to see Balaka appear there with the Asi astra.

Ranav and Bela confront Malak

Ranav reunites with his father after telling him that he is Pratham when Malak and Patali come there and demand the Asi Astra.

Malak and Balaka have a fight and Ranav takes over Balaka after he gets injured during which Bela takes the Asi Astra and runs away.

Patali protects Ranav from getting hit by Malak's powers and Balaka asks Ranav to go after Malak as he wants to get the Asi Astra from that girl who is Bela.

Malak snatches away the Asi Astra from Bela very easily but Ranav comes there and says that Bela is a human and should not get harmed.

Meanwhile, Balaka tells Patali that Malak is the one who killed Aswath and she joined him without knowing the truth because of her greed for power.

Bela asks Ranav to stop with his drama as she has seen his true face while Malak laughs and says that he should tell Ranav and Bela the truth before they die.

Malak turns into Ranav and leaves Ranav and Bela shocked as he says that he was the one who taught Balaka the technique to change forms.

End of Today's 5th August 2023 Bekaboo Episode.

Bekaboo 5th August 2023 Episode Update, Promo

The upcoming story of Bekaboo will show Bela making a plan to kill Ranav without knowing that Ranav is innocent and does not have anything to do with her destruction.

The current story of Bekaboo revolves around Patali and Malak forming a joint plan to get Asi astra which Bela overhears.

As per the latest twists of Bekaboo, Bela will find out a way by which she can weaken Ranav and use that opportunity to kill him.

On the other hand, Ranav also figures out that Sophia is no one but Bela and confronts her into accepting the truth.

Bela manages to hide her plans and acts oblivious while Ranav says that he has confirmed the truth by touching her which made him feel the same way he used to when he was with Bela.

Let us see if Bela succeeds in her plan to kill Ranav in the upcoming episodes of Bekaboo.

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