Bepanah Pyaar Written Update 2nd July 2019: Pragati learns the truth

Bepanah Pyaar Written Update 2nd July 2019: Pragati learns the truth

Bepanah Pyaar 2nd July 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Bepanah Pyar 2 Jul episode starts with Raghbir trying to commit suicide. Pragati is trying to break the door. She is successful in saving him on time. Raghbir calls Pragati by Bani’s name.

She gets angry with him and reminds him of many people who care about him.

Meanwhile, everybody is waiting for Priya. She is using her phone when her phone gets snatched. They all are waiting for Pragati and Raghbir.

Pragati apologizes for shouting at him and tells him it’s an important day for their family. She takes care of him and tells him to get ready, but Raghbir is still thinking about Bani.

He is sitting like a statue and Pragati starts fetching tie for him. Raghbir calls out Bani used to do the same things.

At the engagement party, Priya is waiting for Akshay’s call.

Pragati tells Raghbir that she knows about the significance of that day, and she understands how he feels. He shouts at her and tells her she can’t understand his feelings.

The pandit tells the couple to exchange rings. Everybody cherishes the beautiful moment expect Priya. At the same time, Raghbir enters with dhol and starts performing on a song.

Pragati is upset to see the condition and pain of Raghbir.  She can feel his pain.

Raghbir tells he is fine and declares new people should enter their lives. Pragati leaves feeling disturbed.

Pragati comes in Priya’s room to console her. Priya blames her for her tears. She throws Pragati out of her room.

Outside the room, Pragati sees a girl in red saree and decides to follow her to know the whole truth.

She reaches the basement area and asks Bani what she wants to tell. There are signs of destruction in the room with a storm of wind.

Pragati sees mirror and finds Murder written on it. The whole scene plays in front of her in the mirror of that night. She sees a fence getting cut by someone and Bani falling.

The written update of 2 July 2019 Bepannah Pyaar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Bepannah Pyar episode update: Pragati gets shocked to see some photo frame in the basement.

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