Bepanah Pyaar Written Update 4th July 2019: Hawan gets spoiled

Bepanah Pyaar Written Update 4th July 2019: Hawan gets spoiled

Bepanah Pyaar 4th July 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Bepanah Pyaar 4 Jul episode starts with Raghbir asking what happened to Pragati. Everybody comes to enquire about her. Pragati thinks she can’t reveal as somebody among them is the culprit.

Everybody is preparing for a Hawan (ritual). The wind starts blowing scaring everyone.

Meanwhile, Raghbir takes care of Pragati’s injuries. She feels something and remembers every moment spend with him.

Raghbir asks how she fell as he is well aware of the injuries one can get from falling from various places. He jokes about her drinking and falling.

She tells him she fell from his window and is about to tell the truth when they are interrupted. She asks Raghbir if he will come or not for Pooja. Raghbir remembers her promise to Bani and tells he will not come.

All members of family are discussing about the Pooja when Pragati comes.

The Pooja starts but with a lot of wind and storm. Everybody is worried that something bad will happen. They all feel weird that despite the windows and doors are locked, wind is coming disturbing the fire.

They all try covering the Hawan Kund when fire gets wild scarring everyone.

Raghbir comes in Bani’s room and misses her presence. He starts talking to her as if she is present. He talks about dying and finding piece only after.

The priest is also surprised to see the events when the chandelier falls on the holy fire. Dev’s mother says it’s a terrible sign.

Raghbir is upset with Bani’s death, and tells her to come back when a shadow appears in the dark.

Pragati starts searching for Raghbir to tell him the truth. He keeps on calling Bani’s name, but Pragati appears instead.

The pandit runs away saying no ritual can take place in the house. Dev’s parents also get upset.

Pragati is trying to tell Raghbir but he is searching for Bani instead.

The written update of 4 July 2019 Bepanah Pyar episode full story ends.

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